Jul 11, 2007

103º and I'm Sewing While Others Siesta

Oregon is known for its rain. But when it doesn't rain, you never know what to expect. Oregonians pack umbrellas in their cars at all times, have been known to use garbage bags as rain gear at outdoor events but when the sun comes out, things really begin to heat up!

Yesterday, knowing that our air conditioner was on the fritz, we were expecting and got...100 degree (plus!) weather. And I felt like sewing. I went outside long enough to take a short walk through the fields of nursery stock behind our house, pick a few blueberries from our back row and then headed in for my projects that I just couldn't resist..heat or not!

I sew in a tiny little sewing room, which unfortunately is upstairs. So, when the heat pump isn't working and the hot summer air rises, so does the temperature in my sewing room. I may be sewing barefoot with the sweat pouring down my sides. But when you want to sew, you want to sew!

In between my hours of extreme sewing, I took glances outside to check on the cats. Here, one is caught cat napping on the patio bench....she can't quite figure out how to get on the quilt, but she was determined to stay outside, near one, in spite of the heat!

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Finn said...

Dear, dear Michele....you are so right..when you gotta sew, you gotta sew! But how about bringing that machine down to the counter or the table???
You do seem to be one of the best equipted people I have ever met to deal with the extreme! God bless you dearheart...your projects are wonderful!! Hugs, Finn who is still amazed at her postcard from God...*VBS*