May 2, 2007

Full Flower Moon: Time for Change and New Beginnings

Full moon names date back to the Native Americans, where time was tracked by the seasons and the recurring patterns of the full moons. They named each pattern and applied that name to the entire month in which it occurred. I just love the names of the different 'moons.' And this month, the "Full Flower Moon" is especially delightful. Named, of course, for the abundance of beautiful flowers everywhere this month, but also known as "Full Corn Planting Moon" or the " Milk Moon."

For those who follow astrological beliefs or charts, this month with its full moon is a very intense time where it is powerful to put intentions into action. Whether you think personally, locally or globally, it is a time to truly look at our world and move to change all of that which does not sustain or nurture the good we seek. It's a time to let go of victimhood and to realize our own potential for creating the change we want to have, and to be, in this world.

So, no matter where you are, what you believe, it's simply a time to increase the good in you, bring it forth through your hearts and out into the world. If we all did that, maybe we wouldn't need to have pickets, and rallies and opposition and dissension. Really, and truly we all want the same good things for ourselves and for our children...we just aren't sure how to get them with fairness to all.

And in that spirit, I offer this photo of what many of us would consider a 'homely' quilt top. It was an unfinished 'flimsy' donation and one which created 'color criticism' in me the moment I looked at it and had to decide on how to finish it.
Rather than ripping it apart and insulting it and its creator, I added the flowers to distract from the bunched up color spots and give it a bit of a '70's flower power' feel. I sought to see it differently, still try to lovingly finish it, and then sent it off into the world to a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Hopefully, someone..somewhere, loves it and is snuggled down under it! And its color, or its patterning or even its size... suddenly no longer matters.

It's just a good, warm, huggable, made with love quilt! And like all good quilts, it has its own purpose and its own importance in this world ;)


Anne Ida said...

Thank you for a beautiful post! I love the reminder of all of us to increase the good in us! I'll do my best :o)

Love what you have done with the "flimsy"! The flowers really does the trick! And I'm sure someone out there is going to love it and snuggle under it!

Take care!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I couldn't see the photo, but that's OK. I could imagine it and my mind's eye could see it..."its own purpose and its own importance in this world" lofty goals for a quilt, for all of us! If we would all let our lights so shine...

Shelina said...

Another well written post, and a beautiful quilt to boot. Thanks!

Finn said...

I can't help but love the uncomly orphan top. Just an ugly duckling waiting for time to set it free. You did a great job of that!! Hugs, Finn