Dec 27, 2006

Gifts Come in Many Forms

I feel blessed and grateful for the many gifts of the heart that I received during this holiday season. I found that it is the child that you think that will not be able to come home for Christmas, but then does, or the gifts of food that show up at your doorstep when you were too busy to do much baking, or the little ways a gift is all wrapped up in love, that mean far more than any item on any shelf in any store. Having said that....I am delighted with all of the material gifts that I did receive, as well as with the givers, the receivers and Christmas, in general.

What this gift tag from my son really says is "MOM"...but Mom is simply Wow, upside down. And I must say, after the holidays that is exactly how I feel...upside down and wowed.

And...once,again...I must add, after 4 days of trying to get blogger to upload a photo, any photo, in any blog, on any form, in any format, in any location, I am totally wowed..that I finally, finally did it!

Now, while my good fortune I upload every single photo that I might ever want to post? on any blog? on any occasion? for any reason????


May Britt said...

Blogger is sometimes acting bad, so just keep trying with your photos. These last days I have been able to upload a lot of photos on my blog.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Thank you for the support, May Britt. This morning, I discovered that blogger had taken away my last photo! Now, I have spent two hours, trying to get it back, again. I feel much better hearing from others, and knowing that we all have challenges!