Dec 31, 2006

Lighting a Candle of Remembrance

Today, I light a candle of remembrance. A candle for those who have passed, are trying to pass, or will pass in the days and the years ahead. A dear friend lost someone she loved. Her loss, then becomes my loss--and so I grieve for her pain.

I know that the day will come when it will be my own turn to grieve again, for the cycle of life is like the cycle of the day, when darkness turns to the light. It is like the cycle of the seasons, when the dark days of winter slowly lighten into the earliest days of spring. And it is like all things that come and go into their next cycle.

So, it seems most fitting, that tonight, this New Year's Eve, I honor the passing of one year into another and one life into another. I light a candle and I hold the light for her, as well~~~

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