Dec 24, 2006

Coming Home for the Holidays

The true meaning of Christmas is the story of a journey, and of a search. It is the story for the search for the true meaning of the home that we seek within and the journey to find that home. When Joseph and his wife Mary, traveled across many lands to seek refuge in his birthplace of Bethlehem, this symbolized the search that we all go on during the holy or healing days for the heart. The days, and night, when we seek a refuge of acceptance and caring and nurturing and love in that place that we call 'home.' We seek to find a place where our weary hearts can seek solace, our tired bodies can finally rest, and the inner child within, can finally find expression by being given freedom to express joy, surrounded by acceptance and by love.

Each of us in our own ways, searching within our own hearts, seeks and needs this special place within. It may be with family, it may be in an inner journey for self acceptance, but it is a journey across the barren wasteland of all of the inner pieces of the different puzzles of our lives, across the pains of rejection, past all of the doors being slammed shut in our faces, to a place where finally...finally we can lay our weary and worn hearts down to rest and feel the joy of acceptance, hear the celestial music of the spheres of the heart's song and know that at last, we are finally and true home for the holidays.

I wish to each and everyone of you, happy or hurt, alone, or with family, the true magic of this holy season. May you find that which you are looking forward within and feel comforted and warm and secure. And if you do not have in this dimension, in this lifetime, then may the blessings of this holy season reach out across these miles and know that someone here cares, and cares deeply for you and wishes you peace and the true happyness that can only come from peace and acceptance within. Happy Christmas from my heart and my home, to all of yours.


Paula, the quilter said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Shelina said...

What a sweet post. You always give us something to think about, and your journey to seek refuge is particularly fitting for our family this year. As we all go through our individual struggles, we did indeed find the heart's song and joy of acceptance. Thankyou.