Apr 20, 2019

Happy Easter!

May you all have a beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday!
And never, ever take a freshly baked cake from scratch (a very yummy Spiced Applesauce Bundt Cake) one day, then cover it with its own special glass domed lid to keep it fresh (and the ants out) over night in advance!

It turned the dome into a humid little glass greenhouse and cracked the icing and melted my jelly beans! Beautifil rainbow dribbles everywhere but wizened pathetic looking jelly beans were literally falling off my cake!

What to do but eat every jelly bean with plans to reglaze and redecorate early tomorrow before celebrations and final cooking of ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes with all the trimmings.

Thirteen guests are expected 8 regular sized humans, 3 half pint sized ones from the todder department, and two grand dogs, 1 medium and 1 huge with feet and noses and tongues and sweet personalities to match!

It will be great fun and many more jelly beans and cake will be eaten!

Happy Easter Blessings (and Passover)
to all!

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O'Quilts said...

That is the best kind of cake and the best kind of Easter xo

Michele Bilyeu said...

You bet! And don't you just know it dear friend.