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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Prayers, and Prayer and Peace Flags Still Flying High

During times of intense national, global, or personal challenges, where I have often asked for shared prayers, and well wishes for even members of my immediate family, the designing of prayer flags has always been a natural progression of my fiber art.  

When I learned during the prayers flags from the many world religion books I was fascinated the amazing discovery of just how much seemingly disparate religions share in beliefs, stories and symbols, I realized that my need to be and to do continuing good in my world stemmed from innate beliefs and energies archetypically handed down by the many generations of my ancestral lineage.

All of my many interests and passion, my cultural and spiritually combined belief system and the deep inner knowing of who I truly was in my innermost being had led me to all of the places and all of the people who would come into my always interesting but still basically home centered life. 

 Creating peace and prayer flags from the simplest of fabric strips that I hang from trees or my prayer arch arbor outside and the prayer flag garland I created from vintage fabrics or Crocheted pieces I inherited as well as my inkjet printed words and quotes added such heartfelt love and joy in their use!

Then there is my Buddhist prayer flags specially delivered via two Quilting friends. Starting from an Oregon Quilter who moved to the city of Mungpoo in the Dar-jeeling District of the Himalayan mountains as she fulfilled her wish to truly study Buddhism in a Buddhist abbey with monks who sent me an authentic prayerful flag garland, which is always above my sewing projects on my little loft sewing table. We didn't manage to meet up at the Sister's Quikt Show as we'd hoped but left them with another quilt collector and his promise to mail them to me after their mutual visit in Oregon. 

They were a true delight to receive. Even is she teased me by asking me to forgive their musty smell as it was the wet and often humid monsoon season in Mingpoo. She also added that they were carried down the mountain on the back of a yak." Not sure about that but it made me laugh!

Rainbows are such a beautiful symbol of miracles and of hope as they always follow the rain. The rainbow and the dove are both biblical and ancient symbols of hope and peace as things we always, always need.

So today, I salute and pray for Ukraine and Ukrainian peoples everywhere. Bless you all and may God/ the Highest Powers of All and all that is Divine hold and strengthen and protect you with a multitude of Angelic High!

Praying for peace now as spiritual warriors is what all of us can join in and continously do. Be peace, live peace, send peace from and in your deepest being.

These original style prayers above (on one of my many surfaces displaying my special gifts or found objects) used to be free gifts mailed to those of us in the 1980s for encouraging further donations to "Free Tibet" groups in India comprises of displaces monks driven out by communist China long ago.  Sadly I have not received additional ones in a decade or two but gladly with prayer I hung or used as gifts to others .

But I love my lone surviving packet and these cloth ones above my hand-me-down 1940 or 1950s little folding table that once was our only dining table and now is my rotary cutting table for fabric for sewing, quilting or crafts. 

From the Himalayas to these special art flags that I created for Oceanside Museum of Art a number of years ago for a special gallery exhibition. Oh the joy of knowing my three prayer flags were flying high and being looked at by everyone from art lovers to gallery members to those with open and loving hearts spreading this simple but deeply meaningful art form.

I had followed the Prayer Flag Project blog for a very long time, and have loved all of the beautiful flags that everyone had created and shared their and shared many of my own there as well. The site is still there but no longer moderated or added to.

However, I kept my own bigger site going with its Prayer Flag Page as it has aways had the first and biggest compilation of the history of Prayers flags that someone used to rewrite even the Wikipedia entry. I can only hope my very ancient library angels and their books predating the internet are smiling!

It was a a delight to extend my thoughts, my prayers, and the making of my own flags to a greater, and deeper meaning as I created my prayer flags for submission to the Oceanside Museum of Arts Prayer Flag Project and their project submission, eventually to be included as part of this group! It is so incredibly sad that the group slowly dwindled down through the years where artists were giving up blogging and out of need focusing on their own time for making their own art. For me these flags are still being made and given as gifts to others during hard times.

My Oceanside Art Musrum flags were made on my own painted fabric with raw edge applique, beads and inkjet printing. They include quotations from well known sources on their fronts, and my own prayer flag blessings (in poetic form) on each of the backs of the flags to tie them into my themes.  

Knowing that my three prayer flags were flying high with so many beautiful creations,in California, I know that so much goodness and intent is being manifested during all of our personally challenging times and the challenges of Hurricanes and Super Storms on the East Coast. As we have since learned our weather pattern and the number of super freezes, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes have increased year by year.

We are all combining our energies of manifestation, and healing from East to West, and West to East and the thoughts and prayers of so many only intensify with the height, the depth, and the breadth that all of these external energies of rain, wind, and storm!

And throughout these heartbreaking times with the Covid-19 virus in its many mutations, prayers have only increased in need and sharing.

Blessings to all of you during our ever continuing times! And many happy blessings for a celebration of Easter Sunday, Passover, or even the original Oestre that those with Druidic,  Shamanic or the original pagan practices of ancient peoples still practice following their own beliefs, spiritual practices and innate roots to re-ligion which originally meant "to link back"!

However you celebrate this time of rebirth and renewal as Winter transforms into Spring-- celebrate with family, friends or loved ones and enjoy the beauty and sense of peace we all carry within. We will be with our family of 12 including our four beloved grandchildren and 4 dogs. The cats stay home as do the chickens!

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical,and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting, "from my heart and with my hands."

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Happy Spring, Easter, Passover, Bunnies and Chickens, too! Free Tutorials, Patterns and Gift Ideas Galore!!


It's so much fun creating colorful quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, Easter baskets, or creative children crafts to welcome in the hopes of Spring and the season or renewal, hope,  peace and freedom.

Making an 'Easter' quilt can be as simple as making some four patches.... and added some bits and pieces ...just from some scraps you might already bunny, chick, or any pretty Easter fabric!

I used some scraps in Beatrix Potter prints, as shown above, and made this cute but easy, baby quilt and included a little soft fabric book for a quick gift! This little baby quilt is in flannel, and these where all the scraps I had in these no outside borders, and very simple style. But it is soft and special and still so cute! And best of all, the sweet little one who received it and her new parents just loved it!

Create a garland freehand! Easy and cute! This one has other sections with words like 'Birthday" but you could ass Easter, or Anniversary or any words you wanted with just free cut appliqued on letters!

Here, a simple panel, quilted but attractive with quilting stitches around the details of the print to really make them pop! Than a bountifully gathered doubled up ruffle all around. The new grandma loved this so much she had carried in on her travels so others could admire it all the way to visit her first grandchild!


Making a Baby Quilt: Japanese Strip Noodles

So easy with just simple strips of leftover fabric pieces and a simple no border binding! It made a great gift just before it was needed to give to new parent an their darling baby!

Making a Tag or Baby Fidget Quilt and Baby Giraffe Soft Toy

Burrito or Magic Pillowcase Tutorial


Michele Bilyeu: Making Prayer Flags

Perfectly easy for a quick gift for loved ones and friends!


Making a Coffee Press Wrap  

Making an Adult Bib



Whether you make an Easter quilt, or Easter basket or bag, pillowcases, or my current favorites...garlands, banners, and prayer flags.

Origami 'Petal Bag' Tutorial

How to Make a Japanese Knot Bag


Bunny Applique mini quilt
12 x 14"free pattern by Jennifer Heynen at Jennifer Jangles

 Carrot Patch quilt
 52 x 63"
Stacey Day for Windham Fabrics


Tulip quilt 72 x 84", free pattern by Wendy Sheppard for Windham Fabrics


Podunk Posy quilt tutorial by Lea Anne at Podunk Pretties 

full quilt here)

A Tisket-a-Tasket 47" x 59"

Baby Flower Box:

Basket Blocks by Gwen Marston:
free basket blocks pattern by Gwen Marston; from her Beaver island Quilt Retreat on Baskets. The pattern is for one of eleven baskets quilts she made for the retreat. The quilt is made with 16 pieced baskets and 15 alternate blocks in redwork. Baskets w. Red work 60" x70"

Bitsy Baskets fast carry along mini basket quilt 22" x 22" from Debbie Reed

Blossom Time by Lydia Quigley of the Rabbit Factory for Clothworks Textiles:
Free Easter Quilt Patterns

Bunny Quilt from Quilting Passion
Blocks create a cute bunny shape! The finished size of this project is approximately 30" x 42", without borders and 42" x 54", with borders.

Cactus Pot Basket Block

This basket block was first published in the Oklahoma Farmer Stockman, on January 1, 1930

Carrot Table Runner from All People Quilt:

Easter Bunny Parade Wall Hanging

Easter Bunny Wallhangings with pdf downloaded files at the linking site

Easter Bunny Trail Banner w. embroidery

Tulip Garden quilt, 62 x 81" by Hallie O'Ke

Easter Chicks Decorate and Bunny Luv
Bonnie Sullivan of Salem OR:  Check out this darling original wallhanging, wool applique on flannel, 24"x 28" and quilt designed by Bonnie for Fons and Porter, free downloads as of above at:

 Wendy Gratz at Shiny Happy World

Patchwork Craft for Easter - Easter Quilt or Wall Hanging

Easter Wall Quilt 16.8" x 11. 6" (wouldn't this make a beautiful nursery wall hanging quilt?)

 Carrot Table Runner
 Better Homes and Gardens

Faded Baskets Table Topper 36" x 36", by BOM QuiltsPrint this FQS Faded Baskets Instruction Page as a .pdf

 Pastel Party :All People Quilt mini quilt

 Bunny Patch quilt, 38 x 46", free pattern  All People Quilt

Floral Basket 1

Floral Basket 2 paper pieced tulip block, 6" x 6"

Happy Easter
28 x 35 cm
download Happy Easter

 Patchwork Peter Rabbit wall hanging, 18 x 20" The Crafty Quilter






  Holiday Harvest Quilt Pattern

Jeannie's 10" Basket Block Pattern
May Baskets 55 1/2" x 68 1/2"

Mini Basket Sampler Quilter's Online Resource Quilt, pieced and appliqued

Posy Post Quilt,2045,DIY_15080_2505146,00.html A Simply Quilts Pattern which combines Irish chain and applique

 Simple Spring table runner or placemats 
Natalia Bonner as seen at Moda Bakeshop

 Honey Bunny mini quilt Don't Look Now

Redwork Baskets patterns

Scrap Baskets by Carol Doaks:This quick and easy wall quilt features a 7" basket block that is perfect for those left-over scraps. Click to download the pdf

Scrappy Baskets...15" finished quilt block of quick pieced HQTs

Stamp Basket Quilt

Sweet Dreams (shown)

Umbrella Stand 6" x 6" Quilt Block

Will Work for Eggs 25" x 34" wallhanging with bunnies and eggs by Jerree McDade

 April Bite Size Quilt, 12"square mini, mug rug or tiny table decor
Quilt Patterns Direct


Yo Yo Nines designed by Kathy L. Reinhard from Golden Quilts for McCalls.Fabulous yo yo baskets! Finished Quilt Size47 1/2" x 47 1/2"

6" Basket Quilt Blocks

10"and more Summertime Basket Quilt Blocks







Rabbit Dance courtesy of  Havel's Sewing. Click for a printable PDF version of Terry’s Rabbit Dance Baby Quilt



Cactus Pot Quilt Block

Bunny Hop Pillow
 Amy at Ameroonie Designs

And don't forget how easy and how much fun making Easter pillowcases can be! Use my magical 'burrito' pillowcase pattern and a yard and maybe a bit more for trim..and you'll have a darling pillowcase in no time at all!

Make a Magic 'Burrito' Pillowcase

And consider making a little 'stuffy' toy or a little Easter gift accessory for yourself, a family member or a friend!

Funny Bunny Stuffy

Chicken Pincushions with Thread Caddy Nests

Quilted Easter chicken pouch (below) from Ulla's Quilting drawstring for a little treat inside!

Egg Mug Rug
tutorial :Where The Orchids Grow


Free Fabric (Coiled Fabric or Crocheted Basket Patterns:

Here's a fun list of photo ideas from some of my own projects files, and from so many other "Easter/Passover/ and Celebrate Spring!"pattern links..not just for quilts, and quilt blocks but a few super cute Easter crafts, too!

Any spring colors, any styles in so many different crafts to choose from!  And do come back as these are updated all of the time. Just click on my my master link list up at the top border, or over on the side gadgets to the right! 

Basket – you can either purchase fabric yarn or make your own from t-shirts.

Crocheted Rope Basket – great photo tutorial of how to crochet over rope. 

Chunky Basket –  thick yarn and substantial handle on this one.

Basket of Granny Squares –  a pretty ring of grannys around the side of the basket.

Crochet Easter Basket – pretty stitch design.

Crocheted Bunny Basket – amigurumi bunny is the focal point of this amazing project.

Square Easter Basket –  plastic canvas 

Hanging Egg Basket – beautiful thread baskets for individual eggs. Have to use translate for directions, good luck but you can do it!

Little Egg Baskets – for individual eggs or a very special treat.

Magnificent Moss Basket – this beautiful stitch leads to many great color combos.  You will have to register to download the free pattern

And Just for Fun!!! Easter or just plain, Spring!, Crafts for Kids of All Ages and Sizes!

Easter Crafts  and Activities for Kids Home Page

This includes ideas for all of these crafts for and with children

:Easter Basket, Bunny, Chicks, Lambs, Crafts for Kids 

Easter Hats; Bonnets Crafts Activities for Kids,Easter Eggs, Egg Shells, & Egg Decoration Crafts and Activities for Kids andCrafts with Egg Cartons!

Spring Crafts

Make Easter Chicks Pop-up Cards, extra to those in links above.

Making Easter Pop-Up Cards

 If you want to make these adorable pop-up Easter cards then print them in black and white (to color in) or print them in color. You will have to cut out the different parts and paste them together.

Passover and Other Special Occasions, Gifts, and Ideas:

An inspirational example of improvisational string quilt at its finest!

from The Summer Sampler Series: Swim Bike Hike at

Cutting Triangles: 
Download the Triangle Template here,

Star of David quilt block

   No longer connect to the site, but you make figure it out on your own just from this!

Gefilte Quilt

 Passover's Coming: 25 Ideas for Matzoh Fabric



Flying Geese as Exodus Story




Brooch to represent the Passover Exodus to freedom

 Passover's Coming: 25 Ideas for Matzoh Fabric

how to sew drink coasters 


Sew Up Some Drink Coasters for Yourself Or a Friend 

from and  

 How to Sew the Pomegranate Atarah for a Tallit | Video Tutorial

How do you make a sewing project Jewish without using Hebrew phrases or Jewish symbols?   

 How do you make a sewing project Jewish without using Hebrew phrases or Jewish symbols?

 Hebrew letter shin embroidered

White Star of David Ornament Crochet Pattern: Made with and from Red Heart Yarn!

Kristen Stoltzfus
  • Easy
  • Crochet
  • Seasonal

RED HEART® Super Saver®: 1 skein 316 Soft White

Susan Bates® Crochet Hook: 5mm [US H-8]

Yarn needle, twelve 6mm iridescent beads, sewing needle and ivory
thread, two pieces of ¼” x 6” (25 mm x 15 cm) white satin ribbon

Ornament measures ½” (11 cm) in diameter.

GAUGE: 13 hdc = 3” (8 cm). Gauge is not critical for this project.

Gift of Gelt Bag make ahead or perhaps use forother  small gifts or as a gift, itself
RED HEART® Super Saver®: 1 skein each 886 Blue A, 316 Soft White B Susan Bates® Crochet Hook: 3.75mm [US F-5] and 5.0mm [US H-8] Yarn needle
Pattern Number: LW3177
Tags: bag, crochet, gelt, gift, hanukah, holiday, rebecca j. venton, Super Saver
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Seasonal

 Dreidel Table Runner & Napkin Holders...make ahead idea

Free Fabric (Coiled Fabric or Crocheted Basket Patterns:

Passover Paterns pdf download sent to me by a friend

Also for recipes and other wonderful Passover posts:
She celebrates Passover and wonderful traditions for her children in some truly lovely ways!

Happy and Most Blessed Holi-days to You and Yours! May the days, months and years ahead be easier and may our gratitude only grow from the blessings of all that we have learned from the challenges of the past years!

Hope you have enjoyed this lengthy collection of ideas, patterns, tutorials and links that I have spent the past 15 plus years colleting! Is is quite challenging to continue to blog on a mobile phone but I persevere as others have faced much more than my year of isolated time at home for this past year.

If you appreciate this site and all of my work as a volunteer who has strived to help others, please consider a small donation to my daughter's go fund me page as she has valiantly battled a very aggressive and challenging form of breast cancer for almost 2 years. After 65 chemo sessions, surgery and extensive radiation, she still fights daily to have what so many of us take for granted.

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting... from my heart and with my hands.

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting... from my heart and with my hands