Nov 2, 2015

Love, Prayers, and Blessing Quilt

This little "Blessing Quilt" was created for a baby who I already love so very much with all of my own heart.

It it features 3.5"  blocks that are pieced in a random arrangement but with the intent of creating a heart shape in the center and the addition of free spirited floating blocks around it to represent all of the family members who love him. It was made in blues, greens, and yellows, and finished off with free motion quilting use randomly wavy lines both vertically and horizontally, which creates a cross like grid and ties in the design of the back of the quilt, which is a series of crosses.  

The back was made with similar techniques but using the shapes of crosses and the idea of a modern cross quilt. The colors were selected to best add value and contrast and still allow them to merge with one another and create emphasis with the yellow crosses that create the secondary effect.

I chose to leave it label free so it could be used on either side as a reversible blessing quilt of love, prayer, and blessings. But it does have my tiny free motion symbol of a heart in the lower corner to always remind this little one that he is loved dearly and his grandma made this quilt just for him!I loved designing and making it and I know the precious baby will be wrapped up and surrounded by love.

Prayers and Blessings beautiful and precious little one! A lot of love, a lot of prayers, and a lot of blessings are needed for you, and you are so surrounded by them just as you will one day be wrapped up in this special little quilt.  Today (as I shared this) you were four days old and your grandmother already loves you so very dearly!

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Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares her creative and healing  journey from Alaska to Oregon. Wildcrafting and the textiles arts... sewing, quilting, and creating prayer flags. Join me as I add my healing energies to changing our little project, one gift of sharing from my heart, at a time.


Brenda said...

congratulations! is this the same baby you made that lovely layette for or another one?

pbear79 said...

I love it, love it, love it. You are so creative! Your new grandbaby is so lucky to have you has his grandma.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Congratulations on your little one, Michele. The quilt is gorgeous. And obviously stitched with love.