Monday, July 13, 2015

Sisters Quilt Show PHOTOS Updated

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show  is always held on the second Saturday in July. I always wake up before it's even Saturday and can't wait to start getting ready to head on over from Salem to Sisters! It's that exciting!

This year I was up by 3, packed and had the house clean by 4 and waited and waited for it to be 7:15 am when hubby said would be a good time to get in the car and take off.

I always hope that I'll run into some Oregon quilters, especially met through online and now real life friends, Cher from Portland, blue shirt and hat, and Doni..who I did not run into this year. Sorry, Doni. Hope you meet Merrily from Washington, but it just didn't happen. Maybe next year!

Cher, I ran into..of all places...The Stitchin' Post. One of the most popular places in the show. Quilting home of founder Jean Wells and with amazing fabric and supplies for all kinds of quilting and I'm sure the most extensive quilting books collection on earth..all the new ones are stacked on tables and racks..everywhere. Online friends that I didn't even know that they had books out, yet!!

And then, we couldn't find his car keys! 

Oh, well. I have alternatives! And the magic of my faery godmother and the Sisters Quilt Show, we arrived by 10 and it was sunny and beautiful. Also filled to the brim with people! I'm pretty sure all 20,000 came earlier than I did!  There is a lot of lovely artsty things every where you look! From beautiful nature, to artwork, to people wearing amazing outfits to of course....QUILTS! And more to come next post, as well!!!

How can you not love a wonderful place like this???


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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! I was thinking about this show all day Saturday. I was really wishing I was there!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures! I was thinking about this show all day Saturday. I was really wishing I was there!

    1. Thank you, Norma! So nice to hear from you! And twice happens and is twice as nice!

  3. Love the pictures, Michele! Sounds like you had a great time.