Jul 8, 2015

Growing My Spirit

Outdoor canoe trip and picnic, gardening, pruning, weeding, sewing and quilting, lots and lots of time with family, quilting for charitable cause, helping and giving to others. Facing so many challenges over and over and over. But learning and growing from all of them, and from every single experience that I have in the process. These are the things that connect my soul and grow my spirit.

High 90's temps that make my loft sewing area feel like a sauna. Good thing my half French from my French mother is tempered by my half Finnish from my father. I grew up with saunas and steam baths to warm up in our cold Alaskan nights. And anyone who did that for fun can survive the 90's and still sew until the sweat pours down her body! And boy, it sure has!!

It's supposed to be in the high 80's today. I may need a cardigan as my body adjusts to the cool down!

#Peace and Love
Happy Birthday Ringo!

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Angie said...

Strange, strange weather nation-wide. I so admire your perseverance in the 'sauna' . I have been too scattered in my mind to settle into sewing. What to do with illnesses that have no answers or rhyme nor reason to them. Learning to live with someone who has a chronic condition is certainly a learning and growing process for me...one I deal with better some days than others. Sending wishes for cooler days for you, dear Michele.

quiltmom anna said...

We are having our own heat wave - some days with 32C( hot and dry here) I am working on that wedding quilt and the fan above my head upstairs keeps me reasonably comfortable.. Happy quilting Michele- it is so important to feed one's creative spirit..
Warmest regards, A

Paula, the quilter said...

I wish I could give you some of our cool, wet weather. Yesterday, we had the lowest temp in the nation.