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Free Bag Tutorials: Wallets, Purses, Cases, Boxes, and Handbag Patterns:Updated 2019

Bird Seed Bags and Other Fun

This, I made myself a new Badge-ID/Phone/Wallet/Notepad Wallet for using at my monthly Mid-Valley Quilt Guild Meetings that require ID shown (we have like 350 members in two different meeting times, so we really need ID to be worn at all times to remember who we are ;-)

I got such a positive response, that I am going to have to make a pattern for it, it took me all day to design it and get it exactly how I wanted it and just the right size for a smart phone, a pen, a notebook, the badge ID, my business cards, and a place to put in a little cash to buy chances to win the doorprize/raffle items.

And I fit them all into this compact this unit which I just love and think looks pretty darn cute, too! So, pattern coming soon! Meanwhile, for those who can sew, just looking at my photos is a valuable resource for just what worked for me..and trust me, it works extremely well!

And then...I made a carry bag to match! 

Bags, purses, wallets, cases, boxes and bags...I love them all and my house has so many and I give away so many that I have made and given 14 away..for just one day and some of the people I gave them to, I'd never even met, yet. It's just what I do and it sure feels good to do it, when I can! No matter how busy, I is just one of those mood elevators for me, first floor to penthouse in a couple of hours ;-)

And I can make a bag out of just about anything! This is a an orange sack combines with a kitty litter bag..the better quality version of this product not the paper ones..stores sell both litters for the same price. It went to a family that have a cat named Johnny with gifts inside and gave me and them, a good laugh at me and my gifts!

When we found out that my youngest SIL had Stage 4 Lung Cancer, and would need to travel between Alaska and Seattle every three weeks for Chemo, I made her this travel bag.  She loved it so much, that my brother told me the only thing she could possibly have loved more if it had been teddy bears WITH Seattle Seahawks on it.

School Days-soft foam interfacing..from Pellon or Soft and Stable

This last summer, when I'd bought my 32 or was it 36+ yards of burlap to make table runners for the forest wedding with a barn reception for one of my daughters, I had so many narrow lengths and bits and pieces leftover, that I starting bag making in the middle of wedding preparations and gave them to all of the immediate family members who helped grow flowers, find or decorate vases, or actually would be helping us to set up and decorate. They fit our theme perfectly,and everyone could bring extra clothes, makeup etc. to the event in their burlap bag and it was great fun!

So, if you think you don't have time to make yourself a new bag...think again!

And yes, I did lose my entire first free bag patterns link list know the one that took me three years to compile?  Bad email, bad!

Now, I know that if you save drafts too long, well...they disappear! And who knows if blogger might not be the same! The whole Internet might disappear on us any day now, and you will STILL needs purses, handbags, cell phone cases, gift bags, travel bags, cosmetic cases..well, you get the picture and yes, there are lots more pictures, below!

Make yourself a new!

Some of my own bag tutorials, first...and then tons of others from wonderful sewists and quilters, everywhere.

For this week's "Frugal Friday Freebie Fun" I am showcasing some really fun shopping bags I made for family members to bring along when they need to zip into...let's say "Home Depot". Hubby gets a caution tape orange one and a yellow one. The lovely coral works just great for putting into a jacket pocket for spur of the moment purchases of my own!

The fun is that just like a quillow, this shopping bag rolls and folds into its own little pocket pouch and can easily fit into small spaces like pockets or purses!

1. Pieces required are: bag front and bag pieces, which include the handles, a simple facing section and the little pocket. Approximate measurements can be taken from the markings on the cutting board and rulers.

2. I love excuses to use my serger, so I serged facing hems and seams on this nylon, but its also great for any easily frayed fabrics.

3. Seaming out handles curves and 'neck' edges, right sides together.

4. Version 1, only with side pocket, inside.
Make the little pocket piece, with its open edge out. and include its inner edge in side seaming, as you sew them together, as well

4b:Version 2, only with a kanaroo front pocket, just like making a pocket on a 'quillow'.

Add front pocket with or without a label to front of bag, up close to the 'neck line.' This can be done in early pattern stage or later, as I did by adding a second thought label to the front of the pocket ;)

5. For both versions: Time to seam those bag straps together, be sure right sides are together, again...or do as I did, and use the french seam technique!

6. Now, do the same for the side seams. Shown here...stage 1 of it's french seam using the regular sewing machine on Version 1 with inside side pocket.

7. Using my regular machine, here's the finished french seam edge...nice and neat.

How do I fold it into the pouch? you ask:

Version 1, with side pocket:

You want it to be 'inside out' for starters. A little column shape, roll it, roll it, and tuck it into the pockets...ta da! It's a pocket pouch!
An easy scrap saver's method of creating wonderful little re-useable shopping bag with their own little storage system!

Version 2, with 'quillow' pocket on front:

Version 2:
1.Make just like a quillow, and put your pocket on the outside of the bag, and fold and tuck it in, as above. Pre-sew your label on the pocket ahead of time...and you have a neat bag with a little signature ad of your work!

Other options:
1. Put a casing in the top seam of your side pocket (pattern shown version 1), first. Add a drawstring to the casing and you can 'zip' up the pouch and make it even a wee bit smaller for purse or pocket storage.

Use any of my other re-useable shopping bag stylings, and do the same pocket plan for them, as well. Add a morsbag label, give them a way, and join the million of morsbaggers worldwide!!!

morsbags label pdf:
  1. sociable guerilla

Of possible interest:
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Basic Bag Directions from or Basic Bag Directions (MS Word)
Previous morsbag post and instructional photos

For one thing, I love to give quilts in bags!  For a gift, I make a quillow (quilt+pillow) and then a matching bag. You can fold up the quilt and have it look like a quilt rolled into the bag, but even more fun, turn it into its own Quillow /Pillow (with instructions for folding and opening it from quilt to pillow and back again!

First the quilt and then a bag to put it in. This one given as a gift to a niece graduation from high school. And the bag...

Here is the inside showing how I add bits of leftover block to create pockets...was cut at 18" x 20" and used in a vertical placement with handles cut at 4" wide and 22" long. It takes two handles with placement in a loop shaped on each side of the bag center spaced 5 1/4" from each outside side of the bag. I lined it by cutting doubles of bag fabric and added my own on the front of a quilt square block and two on the insides, one on each side. Peeking inside, you see:

 inside with contrasting pocket, makes pocket easy to find in the dark insides of the bag!

Basic Bag Directions from or Basic Bag Directions (MS Word)
Previous morsbag post and instructional photos

But for baby gifts, I just make a regular small quilt and a bag that can double as the gift bag for the quilt!  This set became an instant favorite, and I've heard that the little on is now 3 and still loves both the quilt and the bag and they are well loved and used!

 And these sets ..donated to a childrens charitable cause... called Chelsea's Place and now Family Building Blocks... in honor of a dear friend who was on their Board of Directors and just passed away.

I made a label giving credit to the group of Salem Community Quilters that I then belonged to. (One of our founders brought them in for me at the time as I donated them on behalf of the group even though I was the only one who made anything at the time. One of the quilts was hanging on their welcome hall for a very long time and oh, the joy that brought me in remembering our dear friend, Dixie.

Each arrived in its own little home sewn bag as my intent was for them to go to families served.

Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!

And when my husband needed a couple 'emergency' packable into a pocket sized shopping bags, I quickly created my own pattern and made these two out of rip-stop nylon scraps. Perfect for our Oregon rainy season which can sometimes run year round!

When I needed a bag to match a dress I was wearing to an Asian styled wedding, I made this bag, above.  I loved using it and it matched everything, me the decor, even the table settings. What fun!



How to Make a Simple Petal Bag

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Because you asked:

***How to create a lining..general instructions!


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Sew and embroider your own tote bag using 20 built-in fonts with the HUSQVARNA VIKING ® H|CLASS™ 500E. The possibilities are endless! Download the sewing instructions for the Tote Bag (PDF)
Carry your machine in style with this fashionable wheeled machine bag.
For stylish transport and storage of your sewing machine.    
Make this fun little organizer to compliment your spring outfits! It’s easy to make and uses three coordinated prints for miniature piping accent details. Get the April 2012 Design Now Which File is For Me? Download the .vp3 format for Designer Diamond, Desig...
These fun and funky 3D flowers will bring a fresh breath of spring, to your wardrobe! The featured design, #200257006, is from HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery collection 257, 3D Flowers. It is the free design for April, 2014. There are eight parts to this design. Each flower peta...
Make a fun quilted chevron bag using the curlyque design. It’s perfect for the back to school crowd or just for everyday toting your goodies around! Sewing Supplies: Interchangeable Dual Feed (Part #920219096) Changeable ¼” Guide Foot (Part #4132383...
Our sewing kit bag uses a design from the INSPIRA® embroidery collection 121 My Sewing Room #620120796 . The pin cushion design is the 2013 January Monthly Design, #003121012. It is free for the month of January from  Click on the "Download Des...
This unique purse is the utmost expression of beauty and elegant style. Whether as a compliment to your DESIGNER DIAMOND™ Dress or as a stand-alone statement piece, it is completely captivating! Download the Sewing Instructions (PDF)
Make a textured humbug bag using a crocheted flower design and lots of different feet and techniques. Fringe sewn with the Marking Foot combined with a stretch straight stitch gives a whole new look to texture!   Click on the "Download Design" Button to access the ...
Deluxe wheeled machine bag that will go the distance with durable construction complemented by leather-reinforced handles and trim.

This tote bag is perfect when you have a lot to carry! Use the Built-In Sewing Fonts to personalize a label and add some extra 7mm wide decorative stitches for the perfect finish! When assembling the tote, the convenience of the exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® was a true time-sa...
This wonderful little hand bag will be your favorite for the next party! Embellish your bag with different fabrics and ribbons and you will enjoy your one of a kind masterpiece! Sewing Supplies Husqvarna Viking Sewing machine. 40 cm green organza fab...
This week I am visiting our Husqvarna Viking office in Nashville.  We have had meetings with people regarding new products that will be coming. I promise to share later! It is fun to meet people that you have only been talking with on the phone or even only been communicat...
Linnea 18, (Simon’s girlfriend) has been using a old denim jeans that has been worn out, to create a denim jacket and a denim vest. She mixed black and blue denim, and used the same denim jacket pattern for the two garments. Another project that is made out of ...
Stylishly store and transport yoru embroider unit. 
Collection #: 261
“Sew” much more time to sew! 

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    sorry the photos disappeared! Picasa switched to Google Photos and many of my photo links were lost. Buteach link will have the original pic and from the site it originated from . Please do thank each designer whose free pattern you enjoy!!

    Hope Market Tote Pattern - free!

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    Free Purse Patterns
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    pollyanna said...

    Whew! If someone can't find what they want here, they are hopeless! Thanks for all the links and research. I am making some wheelchair bags from 15" blocks I was given. Not exactly sure how I will finish them--how long to make the velcrow strap--but I will find an answer!

    Sunny Slope Farm said...

    Some lovely eye-candy on this list. Do you have any idea which pattern might be helpful for me in making a lining for a felted knit bag? I'd like it to add to the shape (rectangular bottom with vertical sides) but not add too much weight. Thanks so much! Rita

    andsewon said...

    WOW!! What an awesome list! Will have to share your post on my blog! I too love making bags for gifts. They do come in handy and most folks can use them in some way or other.