May 12, 2015

The Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt

"The Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt" Project is finished!!!!

Pieced and Quilted by Michele Savikko Bilyeu
April 2015

The project involved:

122 Cross Blocks
Created out of friendship, love, and gratitude for Mary Lou Weidman
From 32 quilters across the USA and Canada

Mary Lou Weidman at home after receiving the quilt in the mail.

Healing Comfort Quilt: 75 blocks

Pillowcase Styled Quit Case: 32 blocks, 16 per side

Pieced and quilted by Michele Savikko Bilyeu 
Salem, Oregon

April 2015

70 Pieced Cross Blocks

Timeless Treasures: "Quest for a Cure" and "Faith" fabrics
5 Additional and very dear Cross Blocks to match!

Any and all small remaining blocks will be made into a Prayer Flag for the People of Nepal,
With our thoughts for our mutual friend Andrea Balosky (Nyima Lhamo of Nepal) and all of her friends, family, and country people of Nepal and its surrounding areas.

And if you can't see your block, trust me some of yours is in there somewhere. I couldn't quite get 122 into the quilt but I did my best doing what I did and no block goes unloved and used for this cause!!Many are in the pillowcase sham..two sides, and others are going into the prayer flag garland!!!

My thanks to the wonderful and loving quilters across the USA and Canada, who donated their beautiful cross blocks and made this quilt possible. Thank you to those who donated fabric, scraps, and money for batting and thread.

And many thanks to Yvonne Porcella, who told me to cut the blocks and the quilt size down or it would be too heavy! And to Mary Lou, herself, for all of her support, her advice and her help

..and yes!..Mary Lou made some of the blocks, herself! She knew fun when she saw it! And she shared the process with her quilting groups as she worked her way through California on the way back home to Spokane and her earthly treatments.

Bless you, Mary Lou!

I dearly loved making this quilt and am grateful to have been able to do so. I managed to listen to everyone's advice and kept it to the 'throw' or 'comfort quilt' size of 4' x 6'. It feels just right in all ways!
The Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt 

It is being mailed today to Mary Lou who is undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer, knowing that the healing power of love from the Divine through our hearts and our hands, will fill her to the brim and carry her through all that she needs to do to be healed in mind, body, and spirit, from the challenges of this disease.
We love you, Mary Lou!!!

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"The Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt"

Mary Lou Weidman at home after receiving the quilt in the mail.

 The Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt 

122 Cross Blocks
Created out of friendship, love, and gratitude for Mary Lou Weidman

From 32 quilters across the USA and Canada

The Mary Lou Weidman Healing Power of Love Cross Quilt

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Karen H said...

What a lovely quilt. I know that all of the positive thoughts and energy that went into its making with give her comfort, warmth and strength.

Lisa Chin said...

You are a machine Michele! You finished that quilt in no time flat. It is gorgeous!
Mary Lou will feel very loved wrapped up in it. Great idea for the leftover pieces!

Sandi said...

Hi Michele, you have done a lovely job of putting all those blocks together. I do hope you got the four mini crosses I sent along. I know that Mary Lou will feel very blessed with receiving it from all of us. Thank you for doing this for her.

Unknown said...

Michele, You did a remarkable job!! I am honored to have played a small part in this. It was certainly made with a ton of love and support for Mary Lou. Thank you!

Carol said...

It was a tremendous joy to send some crosses for this quilt. Thanks to you for your hours of planning, trimming, sewing, and quilting this for our forever friend. I do hope when it arrives and she spends some time under it, she will feel the healing thoughts, love and prayers that went into every stitch.

marylouweidman said...

I think this quilt is beautiful! And the work from so ma y nice people who sent blocks and from Michele ! This quilt is all about faith and love and friendship. We even had a couple of guys send blocks. I am overwhelmed and honored and thankful. God bless all who participated .

Scrappy quilter said...

What a beautiful gift.

lvkwilt said...

Thank you again for organizing this effort of love and for all your hard work in making it happen. Many prayers being said for Mary Lou. It was a privilege to be a part of this!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Thank you to everyone who commented. In reality almost 400 people looked at this post, but you are the ones who were nice enough to leave a comment! If you have not heard back from me, but come back for another look and notice my comment, your profile settings need to be checked for a return email address for comment replies as you are coming up as a 'no reply' commenter..thank includes Mary Lou, Ivkwilt, Mary Ann F. and Lisa Chin. But thanks for commenting! Especially, you, Mary Lou!

marylouweidman said...

I cannot comment enough! I think this project is amazing and will be lovely to sleep under this!!! Thank you Michele and all of you kind, giving and loving friends. I pray that something wonderful will happen to each of you for making my walk easier and making me feel loved.

Sally Langston Warren said...

What a beautiful gift! Love the uplifting colors! I know it will be treasured forever. Thank you for the inspiration!