Mar 9, 2015

Chickens and Pigtails

 If you visit my blog regularly, then  you know I have a regular post that pops up every so often I call "Snippets and Threadtales".

I use it as a hodgepodge post to talk about the various things going on in my life and the lives of those around me. Today's post was inspired by a conversation I had recently with my husband.

Me: Do pigs have long tails?

DH: Not really, just short little things.

Me: Well then, there's a big dog in our field with a snout!

Yep. There it was. I grabbed my cell phone..both to use the camera and in preparation of dialing 911 if we were being invaded by an alien species.

He got closer and closer and closer.

Pot bellied pig meet my husband.

And yes, this pig had a tail. Even if it looked like a long one because of the long hairs hanging down from it. He had a long pigtail, braided or not.

Yep. A pot bellied pig came to visit. 

And he's not the first pig to come a calling. We've had two visitors and three live next door. And all of them have escaped at one time or another.

We have hosted a visiting cow, a lost goat, two horses (one I discovered peering into my living room window as he stood on our back deck), and a lot of stray cats and dogs.

We even had two porker intended pigs come for a visit a few years ago.First one had escaped from its owner, With "Bonnie" on the run, "Clyde: came calling to find her.

I yelled out to the husband that time, too!
Me: "There's two pigs in our chicken coop!"

Now, the husband ( without looking) says :"No, there's not." Then he looks.

Yep. Now, we have not ONE, but TWO pigs..... and they are inside the chicken coop... and they are eating our chicken feed!

One of the pigs gets startled when the husband yells at him and he (the pig, not the husband) reared up in too big of a hurry and gets his head stuck inside the feeder's metal cylinder. 

See him on the left inside his cylinder of a feeder? It was really, really stuck too!

The husband was yelling, and clapping his hands thunderously, as he charges the coop, screaming like a crazy man chasing wild pigs on the loose.

The once startled, but now scared... and running for his life pig...completely gets his pig head stuck in the 'iron mask' of the feeder and Leonardo Dicaprio, he is not.

This pig was completely beside himself with terror.

He can't decide which is worse, a stuck pig head or a maniacal human determined to do him in and have pork for dinner!

Somehow, two of them get chased off ....and one of them.....luckily the one in the plaid shirt......survives the exchange.

Yep   Green Acres....  is the place to be, farm living is the life for me!

And we don't even own a farm!

We just have chickens and other people have other species of animals!

It's no wonder our chickens would rather be on our back deck than in the yard or heaven forbid, in their own coop!!!

And me, well....I'm heading back to the sewing nook. It can get pretty wild in there, and sometimes there is even kicking and screaming...

But at least that's just me!!!!

Other Pig Visitations

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Unknown said...

Love hearing about the shenanigans on your homestead, Michele! Hugs to you!

jenclair said...

:) Great way to begin my morning! "The place to be," indeed!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

So nice when the neighbors come to visit. You should have given them some tea with that chicken feed!