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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Preparing for May Day 2022

The month of May 2019 started with a wild snort and a snuffle and an unexpected guest invading our home.

It was more of a May Day! May Day! than I'd ever imagined.

Little did I know that my house would turn into a bed and breakfast for some caged escapees and my house a pigsty.

This little pig tale began early in the morning as I heard a noise, glanced out the door and was startled by this charmer.

We don't entertain many house guests out here in our looney boonies other than family. And this one was a bit of a boar as far as guests go and didn't have much to say.

Before I could grab for my phone to call back up, he made himself right at home! After a quick tour through my house and finding no breakfast on the table (or even on the stove) he lost interest in my decorating style (well worn vintage) and more interested in my patio door and greener pastures.

He allowed an armed escort, as in my arms raised and wildly waving and me calling out "here piggy piggy" and finally "sue-y sue-y" or however I thought you were supposed to call pigs to come to you (my apologies to anyone named Sue)and yes, he headed out our back door.

Now, I've written extensively over the past decade of how animals love me. I've even blogged about one little Pomeranian who'd traveled 5 miles after being spooked by 4th of July Fireworks going off at nearby Volcano Stadium. Traveling from a Primrose Farm in Brooks not far from I-5 and down fields and farms and down a hodge podge of country roads to our house seeking refuge.

Stray or abandoned cats, dogs, discarded Easter bunnies, goats, a cow calming eating our entire garden and once I looked out onto our back deck to see a huge horse with his nose pressed against my living room window.

And there have been countless raccoons and possums glaring scary eyes at me in the dark as Inpeered out at weird noises on that same back deck. One night I saw a pack of three wild marauding dogs out in the pitch dark, casing out our chicken coop trying to break through the chicken wire. And then a few weeks later, a coyote leaping, pushing, and clawing at their coop door as well

We're a strangely popular night spot.

I clashed pots and pans lids to scare that coyote off. (I've learned to keep protective noise makers handy). The sight of me in red polka dot pajamas running at him (I'm sleep deprived and not in my right mind any time but especially at night) screaming and clashing pot lids at him had him off and running in a hurry!

My husband claimed he'd probably ran all the way to Silverton (5 miles away) before taking a a single breath. This after my clink and a clatter had him (the husband) jolting awake and ready to grab a gun and defend his hearth and home. (He was just surprised no one had called Noise Control on me!)

But this pig was cut (so to speak) from a different hide. Really, really friendly he was more of a high quality silk purse kind of a fellow.

After a small snack of frozen corn, he was happy to follow me into our fenced chicken field and eat chicken food pellets and cracked corn courtesy of Duke, our rooster and his girls, our chicken harem of Ping, Priscilla, Hazel, Nellie, Esther, Milly, and Clementine.

The chickens were not too happy watching as this pig consumed their personal food supply. They lined up at the fenceline and flew up on the gate in self defense and vocal protest.

After all I am ALSO the blogger who's posted about my own chickens sashaying into my dining room and out again! Oh the life I lead!

Historically, May Day is not just about pagan rites of Spring and leaving flowers at doors. It is also about the commemoration of the struggle for fair labor practices and the Haymarket Affair of 1886. We had hay, we had piggies refusing to go to market and all of the hullabaloo was quite an affair!

We had a struggle of the species and the invasion of their chicken dance hoe and hay down and their fervent wish that this little piggy eat roast beef not their cracked corn, go to market, or at least cry all the way his own home, not theirs.

By early evening, our greatly spoiled pig guest had broken out, flew the coop and disappeared.
Without a break in any fence that we could see, he'd somehow flew the coop and proved the whole "when pigs fly " story entirely possible.

However, by mid-morning of May 2nd, he was back. He decided this was a five star b abd b after all. and he not only wanted more, he apparently sent out a pig song through the pig airwaves to call his tribe over for a visit.

Within 5 minutes he was joined by his brother, within 10 minutes they were joined by 2 sisters.

It was wild and crazy chaos. Four large, pigs all desperate for attention, scratching, and food. They loved us and if they hadn't been so big, such voracious eaters and far too many at once, we might have adopted the one who'd already gotten close to us inside and out.

But alas his little love affair with us was not meant to be. It was obvious they were on the loose and eventually would be found out and I was pretty sure the food and clean up was going to end up on us.

Our only evidence of its previous houseguests being rather large dark brown to black "cigar" shaped parting gifts. And while their tokens adorned our fields and flower bed, thankfully none were left as house warming gifts.

Moral of this story:

All's well that ends well.
The owner eventually showed up and while his idea of a pigsty was more of a reality than ours as he had more pigs yet at home and hadn't even noticed anything awry much less missing.

And our abode at least returned to its somewhat more peaceful and buccolic natural state of chick, chick, chick and "green acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me" least for our chickens!

And all I can add to this curly tail of 3 days of phew was a final adieu......

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And because I believe in Paying It Forward

So on the various days I Google my own name just in case I missed anything I've been up to (I am the woman who almost never sleeps) I also discovered before Easter long ago I was in various denominations Sunday Sermons! I loved that! I mean isn't that loverly?

And the most interesting places I found me included this:

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Snippets, Threads and Pig Tales: Joys and Tribulations

I ushered in the New Year by celebrating my husband, Larry's brand new "hip hip hurray!" second hip replacement surgery on New Year's Eve into New Years Day.

His first hip replacement was three years ago in 2016. And the stress and strain of daily reliance on the non-technological but original hip joint on the opposite side had taken its toll along the way.

Time for another medical marvel by the same surgeon only in a different place.

But to spend New Year's Eve in a hospital is a whole different way to celebrate a Rockin' Rollin' New Years Eve. Especially when the rocking involves a surgical jack hammer and the rolling is done with the aid of a walker!

The only sparkly and bubbly he could hope for were the sparkly post Christmas lights outside that greeted us at the hospital.  But they were absolutely lovely as we checked him in and saw the beauty of reflected views in the the absolute darkness of earliest morning.

Oh the challenges and how they always seem to come at the same time! Light,  love, and prayers filled my heart, my awareness of potential outcomes as 5 members of my family were in 3 cities of hospitals in just the last 4.5 weeks.

My beautiful daughter walked through the fire of  HER+++ breast cancer chemo for months and months and months and now her cancer surgery.

Can you believe that something so seemingly huge as losing a part of you with all of the drains and other challenges is put into the insurance box of day surgery? Yep, on your own medically and physically and emotionally after that. As breast cancer survivors know there is not one thing about survival that lasts a day.

Chemo since August continues into 2020 and perhaps beyond. Strongest stuff they have almost destroys you but cannot cure you with this variation. Daily radiation for 6 weeks. If one thing doesn't work you just try, try again.

It takes you, breaks you and through it all unimaginable numbers of women warriors are honed by brimstone and fire. Inside and out. God bless the cancer survivors walking through chemo and radiation and many surgeries  fighting to live another day.

As most of you have learned our lives are often filled with one challenge after another. Some easy with great outcomes we call miracles. Some so challenging we just pray for strength-- if not for ourselves, then for others. It is a heart breaking disease that knocks its victims to the ground then stomps them when they're down.

The easiest surgery was the "little boy" surgery of my beautiful and challenging cat, Jasper, we took in to our hearts and home last year. A fluffy bundle of wild and ever roaming spirits. This boy has been both a joy and a challenge!

Jasper is the seemingly generational progeny of my beloved Tao who also was taken in for his neutering three years ago.  Devastatingly we were mistakenly informed of some "non-facts" by his vet that resulted in our leaving what we thought would be simple neutering with his euthanized body instead of our greatly loved boy.

I sobbed for weeks and weeks and even three years later still miss that beautiful boy terribly. But to have our Jasper has helped so much and most certainly distracted us from bigger problems our family (especially our immediate family) has undergone and still faces much more in 2020 and beyond..

Jasper sailed through his neutering process even though the hideous "cone of shame" triggered massive hysteria and the demolishing of all window displays in the bedroom throughout his very challenging night.

From overly perhaps decorated windowsills with special items and an abundance of rock show rocks (from tiny to hefty if they landed on a cat) in my own special arrangements into cascading chao with big ka-bangs!

Luckily my large Thanksgiving cactus was still on its lacy hidden old wicker clothes hamper table.  But it took me until tonight to discover my Chinese Feng-shui compass. It had been made into the bed. So much for Feng-shui 😂

And yes, the cone was finally removed as he was held purring the entire time of my untying his far too tight gauze cincher and the hated plastic e-[E-lizabethan collar) cone.

As I go through challenges large and small-- and Jaspers surgery was very small--i am reminded of the innumerable challenges throughout my and all of our my lives.

The countless losses, and all that I have learned and spiritually grown from along the way. Even my life long inability to maintain sleep has had some purpose in the grand view of things.

All prepared me for greater hardships and higher challenges and greater loss of sleep. I can (seemingly at least) now meet with many challenges at once. And while I may fuss or even cry at how unfair things often seem, we all have them and are all called upon to bare them.

There have been no celebratory ringing of bells in 1919 but there have been a multitude of grateful blessings for even the smallest things instead that are already apparent in 2020.

For every single day of life is a treasure. Every experience we have and every understanding we gain in spiritual awareness lifts us up into embodying mind, body, and spirit here on this earthly plane in ever growing and appreciating abundance.

But yes, the past 4 weeks have been incredibly busy, emotionally invested in family.

And unfortunately a big, big mess with our once charming, neighborhood pigs!

Oh my the pig tales I have shared over these years on this blog!

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Snippets and Threadtales: 
Joys and Tribulations

Apparently and unbeknownst to us, not being fed (at all) since the death of their owner in late November, mama pig desperate for food for herself and 2 remaining babies absolutely destroyed our lawn. Since we have lawns that are cared for waking up to this was pretty upsetting!

But what really upset us was that no one seemed to care about the horrific living conditions and lack of food that the four original pigs were living in for the last few years!

So of course they desperately escaped over and over to forage for food. And foraging means digging for grubs, roots, bulbs...anything edible within the ground.

We called one social service agency after another. We called the County Animal Control, the Sheriff's Dept. many many times and on and on. 

With no offers of help only excuses, we finally walked down our very long lane (my husband with his post surgery walker) and up to the door of the current members of the family occupants and explained once again the extent of the most recent damage and their need to buy pig food and feed their starving (and therefore secondarily now destructive) pigs. 

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary - Home

We also offered to find them a home and got permission to call a rescue organization for mistreated farm animals.

They assessed the horrible conditions these pigs were living in a tiny space under a junk truck to sleep under with broken down vehicles seemingly brought in on an almost daily basis but never repaired or gotten rid of or sold 

Living without grass under a truck
With only occasional scraps (if any) food. Ugh!  Close up below.

Thank you Green Acres Animal Sanctuary in Silverton erton for making space and taking in these otherwise loving and gentle animals who just needed loving, caring, responsible owners. 

They now have their forever home with loves and belly rubs and daily food and water!

It took us three years and we weren't able to save the original spotted fellow who waltzed in one day and thought he'd found a home..inside!

And his spotted baby was taken by someone before Green Acres made it back with a truck and trailer so we're hoping he got a good home too.

Hard times can last a long time as can pain and suffering. But some things end well thank goodness.

New Year, new Hopes, new prayers, a new hip for hubby and a beautiful and wondrous new grandbaby as of a week ago for our family!

Sometimes we don't get all of the miracles we pray for but oh there are still so many blessings to be grateful for!

2nd year of battling HER+++ Stage 3

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting... from my heart and with my hands.