Jan 28, 2014

Quilts in Bloom

Our beautiful Oregon Gardens in Silverton, Oregon, hosts a lovely quilt show every January. This was the first year that I was both back in Oregon and felt up to going. And I was certainly glad that I did.

These four entrance quilts were by the fabulously talented quilter, Lura Schwartz Smith.

And while I overheard many quilters bemoaning the fact that it was primarily art quilts this year, I loved them and thought all of the quilts were just lovely. And as I pointed out to two quilters I sat next to at a break (quilters are never strangers for long ) I saw a lovely applique quilt with traditional butterflies, a Trip Around the World, and an Irish Chain or two. What we love to look at and what we love to do may be two different things, but I love it all!

I may or may not have very good photos of them and since I took them on Saturday, I've already forgotten whether those turned out or not ...I save my RAM for things on a "need to know this minute for my own survival basis"!  And remembering the quilt show was a must, but remembering individual photos...not so much!

But since, I haven't seen anyone else from the area posting photos, I'll go ahead and share some of my own photos that survived the 'no flash photos' rule, just  to brighten up the blogosphere, today!

We had a lot of 'blooms' and a lot of 'eye candy' and we even had a few vendors that offered up real candy! I'm always grateful for those that believe that quilts, quilters and chocolate really do go together!

These last two were made by two members from the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild, here in Salem. The cats by another one 'l' Michele, Michele Byrum, and the "Memories of Viet Nam" by Tom Korn, one of our quild's talented 'man-quilters.'

And it is always so nice to see a man's take on quilting whether it is at a quilt show or at our meetings where two gentlemen quilters do an awesome job of being valuable members of our quilting community!

And here,  my very, very, most favorite photo of the entire show. This 'young couple' were so beautiful and so charming, I just had to take their photo.

Have you ever gotten your significant other to attend a quilt show with you? 

Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska. Sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting, with small format art quilts, prayer flags, and comfort quilts for a variety of charitable programs. And best of all, sharing thousands of links to Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns and encouraging others to join her and make and donate quilts to charitable causes.   Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time!


Lynda said...

while I do love the ladies, that white poppy is my absolute favorite - I bet it was stunning in person - sorry I missed this one - its a long drive from Vancouver

Heather said...

Thanks for a fun show. I just love that quilt with the foxes and owls, really beautiful.

Winifred said...

They are stunning Michelle. Amazing they take your breath away.

I do like her jacket!

Maritza said...

Michele qué maravilla de trabajos!!!! son preciosos todos. Me encantó la última foto de la pareja. Un beso

Karen H said...

Thanks for the wonderful trunk show. I love to see all sorts of quilts, even those I wouldn't make myself because they are still a source of inspiration!

Ondrea said...

Thankyou for sharing all those beautiful quilts with us. I tend to agree with you regarding liking all quilts as so much love , time and energy go in all of them. I prefer more traditional quilts personally but that does not blind me from appreciating other genres of quilts.

Lynne said...

Barbara, from Cat Patches blog, is the creator of the cardinals and trees quilt near the top of this post. She is from Oregon (I'm pretty sure; US geography is not my forte). Thanks for sharing the quilts -- they all deserve to be seen. I love quilt shows because there is usually so much variety!