May 27, 2013

In Honor and in Memory: Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns

My own father, and four of his brothers, served in World War II. Their family was known as a Five Star Family...five members of one family, all in various Armed Forces, left our childhood home on Douglas Island, Alaska to serve their country with military service. Four brothers returned home to their parents, one was killed in action, and did not.

It taught all of us about pride and honor and service to our country. But it also taught us forgiveness for others who practice the same pride, honor, and service to their countries as we learned to forgive the loss of our son, brother, and uncle's life.

Honor your loved ones, honor our country, by making a patriotic quilt today or any day.

In honor of our soldiers (both at home and abroad) our ever-present patriotism and in the spirit of good work and service that so many do in our country..... here's my collection of over 100 links (many links lead to multiple free patterns) for free quilt or quilt block patterns. In includes some that are traditional, some that date back to the Civil War, and some amazing and wonderful stars, stripes, flags and even service banners!

note: McCalls Quick Quilts is now requiring a free sign-up to access their free patters etc. So, if you get an error reading page...that's what that means. Sign up on the right of that screen for free viewing and printing privileges!

Civil War Patterns

Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns:

Free Union & Confederate Soldier's Patriotic Quilt Pattern

Soldier's Patriotic

Union Eagle Quilt

Gunboat Quilts...applique motif ideas like above

Pomegranate (Marriage )Quilt

Flags & Heart

McCalls now requires a sign in to download next 16 patterns below but there is no fee:

54-40 or Fight

Independence Day "

A Nation's Pride "

Midnight Stars"

American Classic "

Shining Through

Bear's Paw

Stars & Stripes Forever

Born in the USA

Summer Spirit

Celebration 2000

True Colors

Land of Liberty star15" x 20" pieced quilt project from Debbie Mumm

Liberate! block from Quilter's Cache

Liberty Star Basket

Patriotic Star string quilted star pattern from Maryquilts

Party Hats

Indian Trail

Northumberland Star

Royalty...the 911 block

Ohio Star

Spiderweb Star

Patriotic mini quilt: a free pattern for an 1890's reproduction by Patricia Cummings

In The Line of Duty (no longer links if you have one to this, please let me know!)

Shuttle (In Memory of the Columbia) Pattern

American American Flag patterns flying horizontal, vertical, or waving!

Star in a Wall Hanging

Compuquilts: free patriotic blocks and quilt patterns as below:

The Crazy Star Flag


The 4th Star Flag Block and Quilt

Sapphire Stars Quilt (3 sizes)

Scottish Stars Quilt (39" Square) by Joy Hoffman

From Darlene Zimmerman:

Stardance Quilt (52.5" x 61.5")

GalaImage of Galaxy of Stars Quiltxy of Stars Quilt

39" x 29"

Thumbnail image of free quilt pattern: Star in a Wall Hanging

Thumbnail image of free quilt pattern: Stars All Around Tree Skirt

52" Diameter

Thumbnail image of free quilt pattern: Old Fashioned Stars Quilt

61" x 82"

Shooting Stars

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Ribbons to make in Red, White and Blue, Pink, and Yellow
three ribbons

Directions For Making a Blue or Gold Star Service Banner

Armed Services Flag for families with a member in active duty at this time! Fly proudly in your window!!!

3" x 6" US Ribbon Block

US Ribbon Block

Quilt, below
US_Ribbonqlt.jpg (41214 bytes)

Amerihearts at Home

A nation's pride...'stained glass look quilt block pattern'

US "We Support" Ribbon wall hanging

July 2000 Block

Americana Flag

Navy Star

Army Star

Patriotic Block Patterns:

"A Dandy"...You will need six of these blocks!

"Log Cabin" ... You will need two of these blocks!


" Pieced Star" ... You will need two of these blocks!


"Starflower"... You will need eight of these blocks!


Moda Marbles Stars Tablerunner

Finished Size: 15" x 33"

Moda Marbles Stars Tablerunner™

Nantucket Knots Free Table Warmer Quilt Pattern Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Four Flags Quilt Block from Better Homes and Gardens Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

July Flag from : Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Rainbow Stars from Better Homes & Gardens: Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Stars & Stripes from Benartex: Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Union Star from Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Veteran's Pride from Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Free pattern, click here.

Susan K. Cleveland prairie points tool flag

Pat Sloan's Patriotics: See all her free patterns!including these amazing beauties!

Final with binding_1 Liberty Heart




Liberty Stars made with her Sweet Liberty Fabric line

CLICK HERE to Download the pattern


Sweet Liberty fabric and her free Stars and Stripes pattern:

CLICK HERE to Download the pattern

Patriotic Heartstrings of Memory idea made by Michele Bilyeu "With Heart and Hands":

see:String Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns

Patriotic Checkers from Bernina and Free Patriotic Quilt Pattern Here

Blue or Gold Star Service Banner

Patriotic Miniature Quilt

US"We Support" Ribbon wall hanging

beginner sewing pattern

Military Free Printables

And for pure inspiration (but not free patterns) check out:

 America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts Web Site

From My Blog:

 String Quilting
Comfort Quilts
Patriotic Heartstrings

Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska, as she sews, quilts, and creates small format art quilts, prayer flags, and comfort  quilts for a variety of charitable programs. Sharing thousands of links to Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns and encouraging others to join in her Liberated Quilting Challenge and make or donate small art quilts to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time!


Lori K said...

Michele! OH my goodness! I saw your picture on Pinterest and was like, I KNOW that lady! I don't know if you remember me from Hazel Green but I remember you and how kind you always were to us! I am starting to get heavily into quilting and love your blog! Lori K

Michele Bilyeu said...

Hi Lori! Of course I remember you! Isn't it the funniest thing to discover people you know online and what has happened to them in all the years past? Hope you are doing well and I'm delighted that you are quilting! It's a great hobby and a lot of fun.

mary truax said...

Thanks for sharing the patterns!