Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show: Wonders of All Kind

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show showcases such a diversity of quilts, that is almost impossible for me to break them down into enough categories to cover all of the identifiable ones.

So, sometimes...I just have to show some of my favorites combined with some of the show stoppers, combined with as many quilts as I can upload into posts and try my very best to show something for everyone!

And it doesn't matter if I am taking those photos as I walk outside of the Western themed town of Sisters, and looking up at the wall of the Jean Wells famous "Stitchin' Post' quilt store...

or outside any of the multitude of buildings, store fronts, sides, backs or even courtyards of almost every store in town!

Or I actually walk inside the 'Stitchin' Post' and look up at more and more quilts!

From the Portland Modern Quilt Guilds' variety of quilts that included everything from the traditional heritage of string quilting and flying geese, the modern world of large expanses of open fields of grey or white, to painted text, to blocks that seemed to fall of the edges of time...this group always provides a bright spot of fun in the grassy courtyard of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

But they were joined this year, by a group of 'Ab-strakt-ed' quilts that came up from California, Liberated quilters from just about every where and gorgeous traditionals that made your appreciate the time and detail that so many talented quilters put into their beautiful quilts.

They are all so special, each in its own way, that I'm just including a smorgasbord of lovelies into this group to showcase the variety of styles, colors, techniques, and talent.

So here is quite a few of the fun photos that I took during the show!

And you know the saying "When it rains it pours?" Well it may only have rained once in 36 years or so at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...but when it does, volunteers run like crazy, get quilts down and into safety as quickly as they can! So, here is a photo I got from Google images that shows what that looks like? Good thing, volunteers are quick and the quilts, for the most part are kept safe and dry!

Yep, a lot of excitement in one day!!!! And I still have LOTS more photos! I may only get free day once in a while, but I make the absolute most of it ;)

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