May 26, 2012

Swept Away

Some weeks are so much busier...lots of house work, lots of yard work, lots of computer work,huge piles of charitable giving projects work...and then of course, there's family and life challenges that we all deal with.

Sometimes, as fate will have it, blogs and blogging will suddenly become even more challenging. I will be deluged with email asking me to do things, make things, donate things, join things, etc. etc. and then I go to various group settings and they ask me to make things, donate things, join things. Oh my goodness! For a lady who almost never sleeps, it can be occasionally over whelming. As someone told me, 'it's because you do so much already, I figure it would be easier for you to do it than me.' Ha! I can only say to that ;)

But then something wonderful happens. Sometimes it's a wonderful surprise, a reminder that there are really good and giving people still left in the world. Those who want to support us, or lift us up as we struggle with our own lifting up of others. And those people and their gifts of generosity from their hearts remind us of the good that still exists in the world.

Today, I want to thank just such a special person. Paula (The Quilter) Denee of Colorado wrote me a while back and told me that she had a piece of Alaskan fabric that somehow came from a store in Juneau (!) and that she had hand quilted the sweet little panel of designer fabric by Lynn Blaikie of the Yukon area of Canada (our Eskimo art has always kind of cross cultured here and there between Canada and Alaska) and Paula thought of me as she was working on it and asked me .....flat out asked me..would I like it when it was finished? She named it 'Windswept' but I was just plain 'Swept Away' by the offer!

Would I like it?
I would LOVE IT!!!

And not only did I love it even more in person, I rearranged my sewing nook to give it a place of honor. And boy...does it ever fit in! Perfectly, as if it belonged there. Because of course, it always did. It just did :)

Paula..I'm now calling her 'Bless her heart, Paula' has, in the past, also sent me a pair of magical socks and a pair of wonderfully warm slippers..both of which she also made.

Paula's, gifts are better than Christmas. They are gifts 'just because' she thought of me. Thank you so very, very much Paula!

I go into my sewing nook every single day, multiple times a day. And each and every time I go in I say "Bless her heart." to Paula."

And I do!

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Scrappy quilter said...

Oh I love it. It's so you, kwim? The colors are brilliant and it looks wonderful on your wall. What a wonderful gift. Hugs

Paula, the quilter said...

It *does* look good on your wall. {{{HUGS}}}

Lynne said...

How wonderful. Thanks Paula for your kindness; it is truly beautiful little piece.

Clare said...

What a wonderful present. So very you.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the Lynn Blaike links but it doesn't look like there is these batik screened panels anymore, just art cards. It sure made a cool quilt with just a little hand quilting..which if you enlarge the pic you can see Paula used white swirls of wind on it. Very nice and you are lucky to have this piece now they don't seem to sell them anymore. Do you know where she bought the panel?

Rene' said...

These gifts from the heart are truly the most special!!! It's absolutely beautiful!

Melzie said...

What a heartfelt gift, and it suits you so well Michele! :)
xoxo melzie

Paula, the quilter said...

The batik was purchased at Changing Tides in Juneau AK