Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keep Moving!

During the '80's into the '90's, I used to grow and dry flowers. There wasn't a surface in my house that didn't have flowers tied with big bows of raffia set out drying. I gardened both inside and out... and it made me happy!

I used the flowers and made dried flower arrangements, wreaths for walls, doors, and photo and wooden mirror frames, and anything else I could find, hot glue, and cover with the loveliest of dried flowers.

I used them to decorate at open houses, to give as wedding, or house warming gifts, and fill up my house with these fun projects, as well.

My friends used to say "If you go to Michele's, keep moving.... or she'll decorate you with flowers and tie raffia on you." My possibilities were endless ...and because I love making them...I did.

So, now its quilting. And if you come over to my house...all I can say is "keep moving." If I see you I just might make you a quilted cover, or a quilted wrap.

Shown here: some recent projects all made from scraps. A potholder, a double potholder to hand over an oven handle, a coffee press wrap..and yes, I know...I get carried away. Those are, indeed, soap dispenser wraps.

I used to buy 'nice' soaps. No more! I buy 89 cent ones *bonus sized* and give them a fancy wrap! And of course, I know there are those giant refill bottles, too. But those don't get wrapped ;)

I thought those at least would make people question my sanity! But so far everyone who has seen them has liked them, whether they initially thought it odd or not ...and yes, may I add...wanted one ;)

So, when it comes to my love of quilting...if you come to my house.....keep moving!
I know that I do ;)

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