Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Land of Liberty

One of the hardest things I have learned about life's challenges is that is simply not enough to remember others....we also need to honor and treasure their roles in our lives by re-membering the parts of them that meant the most to us.

We must take those qualities, those parts we treasure, and make them a part of ourselves, and our lives. And in that re-membering, in that calling in of all of our painful, lost, and missing parts....we truly become one with them, and make them always a part of our own hearts, and our own lives.

So, today, I remember all of those who lost their lives ten years ago. That fateful day changed America, and perhaps many parts of the world, forever. It changed how we viewed patriotism, heroism, and the living of good lives that held meaning, and remembrance for others.....and often in simple and not necessarily obviously heroic ways.

Filled up with the deepest sense of hallowed land and treasured country, I started this simplest of little folk applique' pillow way back then, those ten years ago. I was riding in our car and had small bits of fabric, a pair of scissors, needle and thread, and just put bits and pieces of fabric in a sewing basket and needed to pull those emotions into something tangible, Something to serve as a reminder of that time, and that place. We were all flying flags back then, all filled up with love and country and unity and selflessness. And I loved that energy and wished we could carry it, forever. So, I made one little block and had it all of this time just sitting out in my little sewing nook.

I finally turned it into this little pillow last week......keeping the simple pieces as they originally were and creating a personal symbol of the 10th anniversary of this fate filled day of September 11th. A day that was truly a call out to 911 in all ways....for us, and for our country. And a reminder to never forget the sacrifices and loss of so many,. in so many different ways, throughout time.

My little pillow shows my patchwork version of those fated hearts rising up forever, and becoming one with the stars that shine above. But it also shows an eagle, symbol of our nation, still flying strong and proud, steadfast, and freely above us all.

No matter what our differences, our contentions, and dissensions, we are all still one, still united, and unified. But it is up to each of us to recognize that, and bring it into our lives and live it.... not just preach it, or resist it by word, or by deed.

If we truly believe we are all connected, all one, all our brother's keeper, all with inalienable rights and freedoms alike....then we must live that belief... and not fight and argue and dissent. If we make our differences stronger, and preach or act out against those that are different, then we are not walking our talk, not believing that we are all equal, and have an equal right to live our own lives freely.

For me, and my life, as challenging as it may be at times, I want and need to re-member this. I want and need to manifest those beliefs into my living consciousness.

And this little memento will seek to remind me of this personal mission. For no life lost has ever been in vain. Even the seemingly worst of times, and worst of deeds of others, still has a lesson for our own personal journey.... as well as our bigger and unified national one.

In the summer my little pillow of remembrance will sit out on my to my other little patriotic pillows and their respect for our "Sweet Land of Liberty" and in the rainier months, they will come inside, and within my house, my heart, sing their sweet song privately and continuously with love and pride in all who have sacrificed for us so that we might still be free.