Jun 11, 2011

AAQI June Auction Has Ended

Thank you so very much to JenClair from Bayou Quilts (& Dolls) for being the 14th and final bidder for my auction quilt with a winning bid of $165.00!

It was such a joy to have it at auction and to earn money for AAQI. And I am so thrilled and honored that Jen now owns it. This little quilt was truly a delight to create and to donate for this wonderful cause!

The June auction raised a total of $2, 545.00!!! Look at our winning bids and realize just how hard we work and how much we can earn. This is how we fund $60,000 grants. It takes the quilt makers to get it going, but even more so..it takes buyers.

Bless you Jen...you filled me up with 'sparks of heavenly fire' to feel your own goodness and the grace and power move through you as you bid on and made your own beautiful donation to Alzheimer's research funding.

Lot # Item Name Donor Value Leading Bid Time Left

Quilt #6480 – Lilac Time Marge Phillips
85.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6549 – Never Forgotten Robbie Payne
110.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6677 - Blooming Surprise Audrey Arno
65.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6679 – Find the Love Audrey Arno
80.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6688 - Peek-A-Meou Leigh Graham
115.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6692 - A View of the Netherlands Vicki Craig
100.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6695 - Geisha Fannie Narte
75.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6718 – Peaceful Valley Janet Gomez
105.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6735 - Mama Jewel's Star Robin Brooks
90.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6791 – Copper Iris Linda Murdoch
155.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6761 - Sparks of Heavenly Fire Michele Bilyeu
165.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6772 - Frayed Beverly Powell
60.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6781 – Collage 12 Linda Rogers
80.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6792 – Flower Power Dot Collins
105.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6813 – Take Flight Maria Finegan
125.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6815 - Me and Bogart Judy Leathers
100.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6830 - Asian Dreams Crazy Quilt Kerry Leslie
110.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6859 - Mrs. Gailey's Garden Betyann Shaver
130.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6861 – Portrait of a Horse Carol Kolf
55.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6871 – Dreams Are Free Marijke Op den Camp
160.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6875 – Waiting in the Window Barbara Beaumont
50.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6883 - Flores Margarita Korioth
85.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6894 - Logs of Love Robin Brooks
90.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #6902 – Delicate Arch Jean Cheszek
85.00 0h, 0m +

Quilt #I-0359 – The Shirt Off Her Back Ami Simms
225.00 0h, 0m +

Michele Bilyeu Quilts With Heart and Hands for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Join in my Liberated Quilting Challenge...let's all liberate ourselves from this horrible disease!

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Betty Lou said...


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!

julieQ said...

Wow...what a wonderful gift! Love all those little quilts and especially that they brought to much money for research, and the meaning and love sewn into each one!

Michele said...

What a wonderful collection of quilts! I'm so happy the auction was a huge success. Congratulations everyone!

MARCIE said...

What an outstanding quilt and sentiment. Well done Michelle. And congratulations the the new owner!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Thanks so much for all of your efforts, and the great report on your blog!! Such a heartbreak when loved ones are struck by an incurable disease.

Peggy said...

Wonderful Congratulations

jenclair said...

Yea! I'm so delighted to be able to give Sparks of Heavenly Fire a new home!

libbyquilter said...

oh this little quilt caught my eye and i thought it was stunning~!!~
what beautiful work you do and congrats to jenclair for being the highest bidder~!!!!~