Dec 17, 2010


With Heart and Hands

For my sweet little French mama in Douglas, Alaska a 'lagniappe' ("lawn yop") a little something extra made with my two hands, and my heart.

Two pillowcases for her new bed downstairs and a new senior bib for the collection that I was able to add to even when I had a broken wrist and had to sew with one hand and my teeth ;) 

If I can sew with my teeth (they've got to be that easy) or maybe I was just determined to keep on, keepin' on, no matter what ;)

My brothers finally found it necessary to move our mom out of her upstairs bedroom and downstairs into the living space. It became just too hard for my brothers to carry her up and down the stairs twice each day. Caring for our mother is challenging, but it is also a labor of love as well as an Alaskan necessity.

It gives me peace of mind, to know that now it will be a bit easier for those who are now caring for her and that she can be a part of all of the activity even when she is in bed. Plus, it is now her 'lagniappe' as she used to call of the little extras that she gave to me some new pillowcases to put on her pillows when she is propped up to eat and to visit and a senior bib to spruce up her collection and make her feel special and loved and closer to me.

While the prints aren't seasonal (so as to extend their use), 'sprucing up' her belongings seems very cheery, doesn't it? And while she is blind, so she won't be able to see my gifts, or their color or print, she can feel their polished softness and she can use actually use them.. as these are items someone who is housebound and confined to bed can both use, and truly need every single day. And do please note that Pillowcases and bibs make wonderful gifts for nursing homes, as well as for loved ones being cared for at home.

Happy Holidays my sweet mama! I will continue to make your gifts from my heart, forever. I love you so much!!!!

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Finn's New Year's Eve Small Projects Challenge:
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Anonymous said...

How lovely! Your Mama has an amazing daughter...I'm sure she'll be delighted with her gifts!

Scrappy quilter said...

I love them. I'm thinking I just might make my mom some of those bibs. Do you have a pattern for them or somewhere where I can find a pattern on the net. Hugs

Angie said...

Michele, you are such a beautiful spirit. Your parents must be also to have created your special heart. Merry Christmas.

Paula, the quilter said...

You are making amazing headway on the NYE Challenge. I'm going to be working on mine this weekend.

Maritza said...

Michele, estoy segura que tu madre apreciará mucho estos dos regalos que le has hecho. Un beso

julieQ said...

I love the idea of the senior bibs...we could use some today!