Nov 4, 2010

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! We Quilt for the AAQI

We have quilt and quilts and quilts...that are now part of the 1,000 Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts that Ami Simms brought with her to the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas! As, part of our Liberated Quilters Blog & Liberated Quilters Message Board and the fabulous Liberated Quilting Challenge, I think it is wonderful display of quilting unity for a terrific cause!

The quilt festival at the George R. Brown Convention Center, runs from today, Nov. 4 through Sunday, Nov. 7 and our quilts will all be on display and available for purchase/donation during this spectacular event!

While the Houston Quilt Market is a trade show and not open to the general public, many of us are card carrying licensees (or just lucky friends) if not quilt or fabric designers, suppliers and so forth for the Quilt Market part of the festival that fill this giant hall with their goods. And because many of the famed and famous do attend, our quilts do very well in sales, here. But the Quilt Festval, which opens the very next day, is open to the public, so if you live anywhere near it, take lots of photos and share them with all of us!

These are the amazing quilts and quilters that have been created and are now part of the AAQI Quilts for Houston!

4765 - Patchwork Free Play
Susan Ryan

4842 - Army Mum
Michele Lancaster

4843 - Wonky Beach HouseMichele Lancaster

4808 - Lime Synapse
Kim Brandt

4807 Which Way?
Kim Brandt

4937 - Fading Memories II

Nellie Bass Durand

5372 - Just Because
Julie Sefton

5457 - Grid search
Audrey Sacharkiewicz

5458 - Familiar?
Audrey Sacharkiewicz

5460 - Morning Glory
Audrey Sacharkiewicz

5418 Windows Inside
Wendy Koenig

5419 Summer Garden
Wendy Koenig

5421 Butterfly Garden 2
Wendy Koenig

5422 Home Sweet Home
Wendy Koenig

5450 - Untethered II
Nancy Voegele
5456 - Mondrian Art
Nancy Voegele

4943 Solidly Housebound
Brenda Suderman

4944 Completely Dotty
Brenda Suderman

5549 - Improvisation
Lori DeJarnatt

5747 From Here to Eternity...the Alzheimer's Journey
Sue Brown

5493 What Color is Your Dream?Julie Sefton

5748 Transitions
Julie Sefton

5756 Hold My Hand
Julie Sefton

5757 Rays of Sunshine
Julie Sefton

5548 Dark Ride
Paula Bell Dennee

4946 - Liberated Rose
Michele M. Bilyeu

5626 The Parasol is the Umbrella's Daughter
Michele Bilyeu

5970 Pickled Mushrooms
Michele M. Bilyeu
5969 Fish Tales
Michele M. Bilyeu

shown above, and at the top of the blog post:
1 of my 4 quilts currently on display in Houston: Fish Tales

My artist's Statement for this quilt:
"We all dream of the freedom to do that which we love most. In time, each of us is offered that opportunity...whether it is in our dreams, our hopes and aspirations, or in the lives we've chosen to lead. May each of us have the opportunity to tell lots of 'Fish Tales' with each new experience."

Hurray for all of us! We can only imagine what tales our little quilts have to tell!

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Michele Bilyeu quilts for AAQI..the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Won't you please join us? :)


Maritza said...

Michele, todos los quilts están maravillosos!!!, me gustan mucho. Gracias por el comentario que me has dejado en el correo. un beso

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful. Thank you for bringing these to us as I keep losing your other links to view them. They are inspiring to me.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What a wonderful collection of donation quilts!!

Clare said...

Really? That many? Really? I can't believe it! Aren't they all wonderful!

So what with one of my best quilting buddies there "on show" and the quilts that we (you and I) inspired, I feel I'm there in spirit, even though I'm sulking in a corner that I'm not!