Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just Hop to It...

When my energy is lagging, my mojo feels missing, and my ufo's, wips, whisps, flimsys, and whimsys are piling up in a thing and one thing only, works to change all of that...

Quilting Therapy.

So...I just "Hop to It"....and that's what I ended up naming the little quilt in the center...the first of 10 to be finished projects for Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge .

My first little finished quilt is in autumnal browns and golds with a touch of blue and some tiny little hopping bunnies in that center square, surrounded by lots of random free piecing strips and strings from the scrap bag, hence, it's name and my new motto..."Just Hop to It" version of Nike's "Just Do It".

Small enough to be done in a hurry and lift my spirits. Not too big, not too little...but just right for a mood picker upper and a first project crossed off my list!

Shown above:
Quilt #1, Finnally Finished
My project pieces and parts put into marked bags, or their quilt top and extra fabric wrapped into bundles and tied up with string. Projects in progress yesterday, indicated by cat usage. Projects in progress today...hidden from cats. Click the link to learn about Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge, so you can be 'Finnaly' Finished with some of your projects, too!

Glossary of Terms:
ufo's: unfinished objects
wips: works in progress
: works in slow progress
flimsys: floppy or flimsy quilt tops
whimsical bits and pieces not yet to the flimsy stage

Quilting Acronyms: my huge compiled list of quilting abbreviations

Finn's New Year's Eve Small Projects Challenge:
Small Project #14: Mulled Wine Mug Mat

Finn's New Year's Eve Quilt Challenge:
Quilt #11: Twilight Dreams
Quilt #10:Far, Far, Away
Quilt #9:Green and Scrappy Love
Quilt #7 and #8: Follow Your Heart 1 and 2
Quilt #6: Stringing Along
Quilt #5: Within the Depths
Quilt #4: Irish Eyes
Quilt #3: Under the Pines
Quilt #2: Hope and Remembrance
Quilt #1 Hop to It!

Finn's New Year's Eve Small Projects Challenge:
Small Project #14: Mulled Wine Mug Mat
Small Project #11-13: Two pillowcases and a senior bib
Small Project #10:Follow Your Heart Potholder
Small Projects #2-9: sr bib, potholders and a bag
Small Project #1: Get Well Postcard