Nov 11, 2010

Under the Pines

The sewing nook has been pedal to the medal all week. The sounds and sights of so many quilts in progress all at one time, has turned 16 year old Willow into a kitten again. She cannot keep off of my quilts, no matter where I hide them.

So, I've decided to "hang them high" and in that process, I discovered it actually super helped to get out the wrinkles that form between each layer of the quilt sandwich. No matter how I taped them or pinned them flat on the floor, something is always wrinkled... somewhere I'm not looking and can't see into.

By hanging them freely, I can pull the layers loose from each side of the batt and readjust them, then re-pin once again. It worked so well on some of my problem quilts!

So, by being a little cat pest, Willow taught this old dog a new trick!

Quilt #3, Finnally Finished: "Under the Pines" in browns, golds and greens with some pine cones symbolizing the seeds of growth and change that will blow in the wind, and then plant, and grow once again.

And another Prayer Quilt, long lap or cot sized for nursing home or hospice. And check out the back I got from my sewing quild donation table...little sheep! It was a sheet, and a bit tricky to hand sew through, but so cute, and free fabric.....that I didn't mind one bit.

I am thinking of all of our Veterans, today on November 11th and while I do not have a Patriotic Quilt in process right now, someone should truly sleep gently under this quilt....and he may end up being a veteran....and that makes me very happy.

Another quilt finished and ready to give away!

Quilt #3: Under the Pines
In honor of Veteran's Day, however:Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns

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Paula, the quilter said...

You are scooting right along on your UFOs. I'm proud of you.

Sue said...

I hung quilts like that, and my cats just pulled them down and made a nest. Repeatedly! So sadly, that idea does not work in my house (of course I'm just the staff here to those cats!)

Finn said...

The quilts, and Willow, are looking awesome!! I especially like Under the Pines, great name!!
And what a good idea to hang them like that on the balcony railing.
I hope you are taking some time to breathe while stitcing. You are making marvelous progress! Hugs, Finn

Clare said...

I knew there was something missing in this house - bannisters like that!

I suppose I could hang THAT batting from the beams in the barn which are 100 ft up, but how do I get up there.

I have tried hanging it from the back of the sofa and it does sort of drop, but not enough.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

What a super idea! Unfortunately I don't have banisters like that either. but I will definitely be adding them to my dream house!

Your quilt looks great - another great color combination. It's the same pattern as my quilts for kids quilts.

You're making great progress. How much was already done when you picked it up?

One Second Needle said...

Thanks for the "Under the Pines" post. Cats do seem to love to be wherever you don't want them to be, don't they? The quilts are gorgeous!