Thursday, July 01, 2010

20 Under 40

Forgive me....but I am SUCH a mom!

My son Blake, was nominated as one of 20 young people under the age of 40 in the Salem Oregon area of young professionals of recognition. At age 31, he is currently the builder of the first Passive House on the Pacific Coast. Passive House certified homes are the newest platinum plus standard leaving all other energy efficient homes miles behind.

Being one of a small group of extremely hard working young people in an area not always as recognized as those in the media, or sports, or the arts, or politics, I need help to cultivate a voting fan base (forgive me my favorite and only son for being a mom!)

Could you please take a minute, go to the link below and cast a vote for him? You may vote once a day...and I don't know how many days as I don't have the newspaper, as we are in Eagle River, Alaska right now.

Forgive a very proud mama her moment now and vote for my son, Blake...the 9th one down. I want him to know how proud this mama is of her amazingly hard working son! I am so proud I can't stand it...such a quiet, humble boy growing up....the kind that worked extra, extra hard, and was very humble.But I'm busting my buttons, now...or maybe it was the berry cheesecake followed by the Boston Cream Pie.....Michele writing from Eagle River Alaska...

click on Blake Bilyeu on this webpage to open his vote, then again on the larger font and its VOTE BUTTON: to Vote for Blake J. Bilyeu

First Passive House on the West Coast USA: 16th and Nebraska
Passive House Certification

Bilyeu Homes, Inc.
Passive House US
Living Green
Passive House Northwest

Youtube: Blake the Builder ;)