Jul 5, 2010

Bento'ed Out of My Box

In five days time, I've lived in two states, 4 cities, a valley, a desert, and a rainforest. With only days to spare, I finished my free-wheeling 'Liberated Bento Box' quilt in time to bring it as a wedding gift for my Anchorage nephew and his new bride.

Our family had a wonderful time visiting Eagle River and Anchorage, we had a wonderfully fun wedding ceremony with the construction (up to the last minute) of a bamboo arch that my son and my daughter's S.O constructed as a backdrop for the wedding vows and we all danced up a storm under Japanese lanterns and origami cranes, symbols of good fortune, long life and a happy marriage.

My 'Liberated Bento Box' wedding gift quilt also featured cranes and was free quilted with chrysanthemums, swirls, and other free motion fun. I went a bit crazy adding random mile-a-minute borders but the free-piecing fun was so much fun, I didn't want any of it to end, so a mile a minute I went!

Free Bento Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial

It made me realize just how much the quilts we make, and the way that we all make them, seems to symbolize and mirror the energies of each of our lives.... whether we choose to live randomly with great spontaneity, or slowly and precisely with fore thought and detail.

I've gone from Salem, Oregon to Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska and am now down in Juneau at my parents home on Douglas Island where I grew up. It's been a whirlwind of hard work, free spirited fun and being a perpetual good sport never knowing whose home, bed, air mattress or floor we might be sleeping on next!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my mother and father, and my sister-in-law in Eagle River (who is doing surprisingly well now) and for voting for my son in the previous post ;)

Salem , Oregon,
Anchorage, Eagle River, and Douglas Island, Alaska


quiltmom anna said...

You do get around my friend- I love the beautiful quilt- I am sure that it will be well loved and treasured.

Hope your arm and wrist are doing well and that you find your parents managing these days.

How is it that you ended up in Oregon if Douglas Island was home?
SO glad to hear that your sister in law is recovering too.
Have a great time and happy quilting.
Warmest regards,

*karendianne. said...

Such a rich, wise post. Goodness. Your words here are a gift my friend. *karendianne.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

It's a beautiful quilt. You're right, the way we make quilts do symbolize and mirror the energies of our lives. Maybe that is why we stop working on them, because the energy has changed, and we have to wait until it is the right energy again.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've been busy!

It's beautiful...you do amazing work...I love to see your creations!

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful gift....love the colors.

Millie said...

Your work is amazing...the quilt is beautiful and it is a great gift.

julieQ said...

Love your quilt!! I know that with all you do it must be hard to fold in a little quilting time too...enjoy!

jenclair said...

Your life is so full of energy. The Bento Box is beautiful!

Unknown said...

I just LOVE this quilt!