Apr 10, 2010

Global Village

If you could fit the entire population of the world into a village consisting of 100 people, maintaining the proportions of all the people now living on Earth.....

That village would consist of:
57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 Americans (North, Central and South)
8 Africans

There would be:
52 women and 48 men
30 Caucasians and 70 non-Caucasians
30 Christians and 70 non-Christians
89 heterosexuals and 11 homosexuals

6 people would possess 59% of the wealth (and they would all come from the USA)
80 would live in poverty
70 would be illiterate
50 would suffer from hunger and malnutrition
1 would be dying
1 would be being born
1 would own a computer
1 would have a university degree

If we looked at the world in this way, the need for acceptance and understanding would be obvious. But, consider again the following:

If you woke up this morning in good health, you have more luck than one million people, who won’t live through the week.

If you have never experienced the horror of war, the solitude of prison, the pain of torture, were not close to death from starvation, then you are better off than 500 million people.

If you can go to your place of worship without fear that someone will assault or kill you, then you are luckier than 3 billion people.

If you have a full fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are wealthier than 75% of the world’s population.

If you currently have money in the bank, in your wallet and a few coins in your purse, you are one of 8 of the privileged few amongst the 100 people in the world.

Each of us needs to stop complaining about which President, which Congress, which Nation, is making bad choices....and begin to make those good choices for our own selves...one life at a time...beginning with our own.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones, what is that you are doing in your life, how are you helping others less fortunate, what are your dreams for the year ahead and what do you promise to do, right now, to be the change you wish to see in the world?

shown above:
My recent Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (9" x 12" or smaller) donation quilt and a (4"x 6") fabric postcard. I have donated them, as well as my Liberated Rose Quilt, as my affirmation for the future.

To make your own donation, check out: 28 Ways You Can Help And if you think you don't have the time, see why I make time at: AAQI: From the Heart of a Quilter

To see our donated quilts: Liberated Quilters: Our AAQI Challenge Quilts Update


Scrappy quilter said...

We never stop and think just how fortunate we are in the countries we live in. This post is really thought provoking. Hope your arm is healing nicely. Hugs

Bee Quilter said...

Love these! The stats were so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

These are beautiful pieces! And the stats are amazing.

julieQ said...

That was so interesting! Thank you for this gentle push...

Gamawinkie Renea said...

We just don't know how fortunate we are. Makes me wonder if we have taught our children well.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What an inspiring post! Makes us stop and think, count our blessings.

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, those are some revealing stats. Did you deduce that on your own or find it somewhere? I am generally a grateful person but this really drives the point home. Thank you for making us more aware.

*karendianne. said...

Gosh. This is a tremendously wonderful thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, this was all amazing! From your donation quilts to the statistics, I am blown away!