Apr 7, 2010

Playing With Strips and Strings

I've been in the sewing room all week...Easter egging Finn and Magpie Sue to join me in digging through our scrap bins, organizing the strips and strings, and having a sewing circle with all of our leftover orphan blocks and pieces.

When you you're feeling a bit out of sorts, get out the 'orts'... there's nothing better than creating some fun of your own... and asking others to join you and raise your spirits together!

With my wrist rotating once more, and my wrist and my fingers now almost completely usable, I'm working on getting flexibility and strength back into both my wrist and my hand. I've had lots of really unfortunate accidents......dropping and breaking, several really, really special things (due to lack of wrist rotation and strength) as I recuperated from my broken wrist surgery. But hard work and determination are part of my personality and I don't give up...I just keep on, keepin' on no matter what! And every single day, I could, and can still, see and feel improvement.

I've been doing lots of my own physical therapy exercises for getting swelling down, flexibility and strength up. And its so much more fun using both hands in 'normal' ways like sewing, cutting, quilting and so on. So, I sew every single day that I can and for as long as I can...being conscientious of discomfort or swelling.

I also do lots of resting movements to increase 'gliding' of the 9 tendons inside of the carpal tunnel. ....after my alien encounters, it's really crowded in there. 5 of our tendons go to the fingers and 4 of them go to the middle joints of those fingers....our hands are amazing things. All of that just in the carpal tunnel, alone! And when we damage our wrists, we are really damaging our hands and how we can use them, as well. So, as you sew or compute...remember to be aware of what you do, and how you do it. I feel so very, very blessed just to have two hands to use once again!

So, if you're still battling the winter blues, come on out of your caves and join us with some scrappy fun, use your hands, your heart, and your sewing spaces.... and just start putting all of those little leftover pieces of yourself back together, again!

I can't wait to finish this little quilt and show off all of my little orphans in their new 'forever' home in my scrappy orphans quilt and then getting going on something else new and fun!


julieQ said...

Good, good, good! I am so glad your wrist is getting better! I agree, doc...your scrappy medicine is great for what ails ya!

Finn said...

Hi Michele, have you convinced Sue to join us? I mentioned it to her but she seemed to think it was some sort of an "organized" thing with deadlines, LOL. Hope she understands how random we are...LOL, really!
Love the post! Good for you for doing some cheerleading and for working so hard on getting your hand and wrist back to the norm...you got it girl! Sending big hugs, Finn(who is sewing)

Wendy said...

I'm working (or at least have on one of my walls) a bunch of orphan pinwheels, stars, houses and stuff that I'm slowly organizing into a quilt. Pic here: http://inkythreads.blogspot.com/2010/04/friday-finishes.html

Junie Moon said...

I'm glad you're on the road to recovery and certainly persevering through it all.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

It seems that you are finally recovering! All the best of wishes

Magpie Sue said...

Well! No wonder I haven't been able to put the scrap bins away yet - you and Finn have put a spell on me! Thanks for the boost!

dee said...

Hi Michele,
Glad your getting some of your range of movement back. I finished up three things in a couple of days. Don't know if it's the weather or what but I suddenly feel driven again to create...and, surprise, to finish! It's a good feeling.
Take care of that wrist Dear.