Thursday, March 04, 2010

Miracles Happen

After 12 days in a coma and 9 on a ventilator, my S-I-L, Becky, has now regained consciousness and is stable and doing amazingly well.

We are filled with gratitude and blessings after a prognosis of less than a 5% chance of her even living.

I actually spoke to her own the phone today, and while obviously suffering from the injuries she has sustained both internally and as a result of life-saving measures, she was alert and even had a sense of humor,

And while we don't yet know the long term healing prognosis, nor what internal damages she may have sustained it is truly a lesson to never doubt the possibility of miracles.

shown above: my latest vigil candle, after its melting over the last 3 days time.
I can see the profile of a seated, and winged angel, and there is no doubt in my heart that one watched over Becky these past weeks.

light a candle, say a prayer....
My Candlelight Vigil
Miracles Happen

Update for May 2012: Praying for a Miracle

I am asking for all of your prayers and a miracle kidney donation of O+ with high antibodies titers for my sister-in-law, Rebecca Savikko, of Eagle River, Alaska.