Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Candlelight Vigil

Our vigil continues...but my dear sister-in-law, on her 10 th day of a coma, is now at least off of the ventilator.

When I committed to my light a candle, say a prayer....vigil, I did so with everything I had in me. A candle has spread its glow, as well as all of your prayers, across the thousands of miles from Douglas, Alaska to Key West, Florida, where she was flown by Coast Guard helicopter off of a vacation cruise ship.

My own challenges with my broken wrist, and my parent's illnesses have paled in comparison and I am so grateful that Becky was able to come off the vent after two previous attempts. She is still in unconscious, and in critical condition, but stable and we are filled with hope.

Thank you for your lovely comments that meant the world to all of us!

light a candle, say a prayer....
My Candlelight Vigil
Miracles Happen

Update for May 2012: Praying for a Miracle

I am asking for all of your prayers and a miracle kidney donation of O+ with high antibodies titers for my sister-in-law, Rebecca Savikko, of Eagle River, Alaska.