Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liberated Quilting Challenge Group Quilts for AAQI

My name is Michele Bilyeu of With Heart and Hands, and I am the moderator for Our Liberated Challenge is free-wheeling it's way across the pages of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative filled with life, love, memories, mindfulness, and a lot of free-piecing.

And as the moderator of the combined blogging world of Liberated Quilting and the Liberated Quilters Message Board, I finally have two hands to post and show off the amazing quilts that are part of our Liberated Challenge and available for purchase online .

These are the quilts (from our Liberated Challenge group) that are now up for either auction or immediate sale at the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative website with all monies going into funding for Alzheimer's research.

Please click on individual quilt names to be brought directly to AAQI to view the details of each piece. If they are up for one now. If they are up for auction, that will begin April 1, 2010.

4860 - Life's a Challenge
Clare Worthy
4935 - Memories
Nellie Bass Durand

4844 - Monkey House
Michele Lancaster

4808 - Lime Synapse
Kim Brandt

4751 - A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Brenda Suderman

4768 - Stars and Stripes
Rene' Martinez

Michele Lancaster
4936 - Falling Leaves
Nellie Bass Durand

4766 - All You Need Is Love
Rene' Martinez

4767 - Tree of Love
Rene' Martinez

4937 - Fading Memories II
Nellie Bass Durand

Please bid on, or buy one of these amazing quilts and show your support for the artists, as well as the Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative and its donation of research monies raised by the sale of these quilts.

And if you are a member of this challenge, and I have missed your quilt please email me immediately and let me know so I can add yours in!


Nice Email from Ami Simms:

I happened to go over to your site and saw you have a list of the quilts in your challenge. I also published them on the AAQI site just now. Please look it over and make sure I got them all.
What a wonderful collection of quilts!
Ami :)

And Ami's Twitter about this post
Liberated Quilters make 16 quilts to fight Alzheimer's:
about 10 hours ago

News of the Liberation is spreading! And I didn't even have a quilt in this bunch, but now that I'm in Oregon where my quilts were... and have two hands again....three of mine got registered, labeled and were mailed Friday! Hooray for all of us! Sew, ladies, Sew!

Wonder if your quilt sold yet?................................................................follow the AAQI on Twitter

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