Sunday, February 21, 2010

light a candle, say a prayer....

please help me, my family, and my brother doug, by lighting a candle or saying a prayer for his wife, my sister-in-law, becky, of eagle river, alaska.

becky, who is only 58, was just taken by air- flight off of a cruise ship returning from the panama canal to key west, florida where she has been, given 8-10 units of blood for severe internal bleeding, and placed on a ventilator.

doug and becky have 3 adult, married children who are all flying out to florida immediately.

please hold this loving and deeply, caring family in your thoughts, hearts,and prayers.

on top of so many challenges my family is facing, it seems like one more unbearable challenge that must be faced and born.

but it also reminds me of the need to love, to treasure and to appreciate one another even more.

thank you for your prayers....

light a candle, say a prayer....
My Candlelight Vigil
Miracles Happen

Update for May 2012: Praying for a Miracle

I am asking for all of your prayers and a miracle kidney donation of O+ with high antibodies titers for my sister-in-law, Rebecca Savikko, of Eagle River, Alaska.