Friday, January 08, 2010


yesterday i sewed kuspuks with 2nd graders again. oh how i love little ones and seeing excitement of using sewing machine. we got the body section's necks cut open,sleeves to body,cuffs to sleeves,and side seams and sleeves. the children help every step of the way.

only four 7 year olds out of 16 got to sew so far.others can't wait. oh they are so cute.. they measure, pin, guide fabric, unpin as we go.t hey love lifting feed dogs up and down. i make it silly and fun for me as well as them. another 7 year old took photo.

think i can sew with one arm?

i slipped on black ice, broke my left wrist, radius bone of arm,in many many places. dislocated wrist bones, creating big hump on hand and huge amount of swelling, numbness mixing with great pain.

dr said it was a very bad break. see a specialist about surgery next tues..typing this with a finger.

i am so sad i won't be much help to my parents now. it takes me and my dad working together to lift, turn mom over or around, feed, change and dress her. and dad turns 93 0n 15th.

guess i will be slowing down a bit.

you just do what you have to do and you do the best you can with challenges of any kind.

but dang sometimes it does get hard.

send good thoughts, i'd sure appreciate them.

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