Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gwen Marston Quilt Art Tiles

Gwen Marston is known for being an extremely talented, world re known quilter and grand dame of the Liberated Quilting movement. But did you know, she's never *sold a quilt? Or did you know that you can buy art tiles that replicate her unique quilting designs and allow you to own a piece of Gwen's quilting art in your own home or office?

The 'Quilt Designs on Tile" are available only from the Loudeac Tile Studio in New York. An exclusive line of ceramic art tiles. As Loudeac says: << >>

We are excited to be able to offer you these original designs on ceramic tile. To make the tiles, ultra-high resolution images of the quilts were used , some whole quilts, some single blocks. This means a completely unique kind of arttile that has strong graphic design qualities but also conveys the fabric medium. On many of our tiles, the
texture of the quilt work is visible.

The range of the designs--from bold and jazzy to earthtoned and traditional--will suit many tastes and decors. And, like all our tiles, these tiles are both decorative and functional. Beautiful displayed on an easel or adorning a wall, but also suitable for kitchen backsplashes and most other indoor tile installations.

I was so excited when I discovered these, that I knew I just had to share them, no matter how hard it was to work on them using two different airport Internet services. I am in Alaska now, using my laptop on dial up to try to correct the graphics errors some of you might have already seen. Hopefully, Gwen's beautiful carefully selected tiles are all here to be admired and possibly even purchased.

*When Gwen says 'she's never sold a quilt" she's being incredibly modest. She not only gives them away, but donates them generously to auctions. When we were in Sisters last summer, Cher of Marathon Quilter, bid on and won a beautiful little art quilt...postcard sized. The other one she also bid on, someone else got. And it looked very much like my first art tile shown. Cher's is softer toned and can be found at her blog in a previous Sisters Quilt Show post.

I know I would LOVE to own one of these!!!!
Gwen Marston Quilt Designs on Tile by Loudeac Studio

with heart and hands,
hard at work in Alaska,

Loudeac Tile Studio and Gwen's Ceramic Art Tiles

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