Monday, December 21, 2009

Lap Quilts

Lap quilts make such wonderful comfort gifts, especially when the recipient uses a wheelchair and/or spends a great deal of time in a chair or in a bed.

My MIL's favorite style of quilts are variations of Sunbonnet Sues (parasol girls, etc.) and leaf quilts of any kind, but especially the iconic maple leaf. This one features a double block to include the longer stem and gives it a special look as an added bonus.

Creating this one, (shown both front and back views) completely from scrap fabrics only took a fraction of the time that my idealized queen sized one would have taken and fit my quilting time frame of "practically last minute", perfectly!

Piecing the back was such fun and I know she will be surprised when she sees it and hopefully pleased as well!

I'm just delighted that it's done, labeled and ready to be wrapped and delivered by Christmas Eve!