Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Forget Those Last Minute Gifts ...

Finding out at the last minute that I had a gifting opportunity yesterday, I called on my inner Santa and whipped up a dozen of these cloth napkins, and had them hemmed and and ready to less than an hour. Received with such appreciation by my hostess, I realized what a treat they can be for someone who doesn't sew, or doesn't think that they have time to sew ;)

And because they are so quick, so easy, and so much fun to make, I made another 2 dozen in a couple of hours this morning, and have them all ready to give away, as needed.

Since, I was gifted with the fabric, I wanted to 're-gift' it to good causes, so some of these will go out with my food drive bag and others as Secret Santa gifts. Sets of a six or eight or twelve can be tied up in string, with a little homemade ornament added on...cute, fast, and easy!

I've been known to actually drive around at dark and just stick small surprise gifts in elderly neighbor's newspaper boxes.... or drop them off under a giving tree for someone who might need a little extra under their Christmas tree this holiday season.

And notice my basket of project scraps...all the sewing scraps go into my Bale-ing bin for Union Gospel Mission's fiber donation to earn money for relief projects. No waste and all win-win.

Makes you smile, inside and out :) ! (:


  1. I always forget about making napkins. I don't know how I could forget since I use cloth napkins. Thanks for jogging the memory. The fabrics are bright and cheery -- just right for Christmas.

  2. All my gifts this year are last minute, since I decided late that I was going to make them all. I love the idea of cloth napkins.

  3. Another great post, another great idea Michele. I used to make fabric napkins as gifts, even if it was just one to use as a bread basket liner. Somehow the years have lost that urge, whim, desire, whatever it was. Thank you for helping me find it again *VBS* Happy holiday hugs, Finn

  4. I'm loving all your gifting ideas. As you said, nothing goes to waste but lots of loving care goes straight to the heart. Brilliant!

  5. You are amazing! Great idea, making the napkins for a gift!

  6. Napkins--what a nice gift. I like the liberated rose--a yellow rose, too.

  7. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Aw!!!! that is so nice of you to surprise seniors with your gifts. They get forgotten with all of the holiday emphasis on kids.