Friday, August 14, 2009

Reflections...Inside and Out

Each and every time I have a chance to simply sit down, and look around at the full, but still very hard working lives that we have created for ourselves, I see little snapshot areas of that life reflected in the things I save, things I collect, and the littlest of things that I create.

Some days, having time to sit down is harder that others. Some days, having time for doing the things I love to do, is even more of a challenge. Sometimes, the people I am with, the things I need to do for them, or just the way that life keeps tossing out curve balls, is just the way things are.

The secret for me, is to always wake up in the morning with one thing that makes me want to start my day. No matter how tired I am, or when the challenges of family and friends and the care taking required by them seems overwhelming, I know in my heart that there has to be hope, something that always makes me happy, and look forward to in that day.

At least 12 times a year, someone I love has to be rushed to an emergency room. And each time, many days are spent in hospital rooms, at bed sides, cleaning or doing things in their houses, or simply holding the hand of someone I care for.

Sometimes, it's one of my parents in Alaska, sometimes it's my 93 year old mother-in-law, here in Oregon, and sometimes its a friend in need that I reach out to with an email or a phone call or a visit. It's what I've chosen to do with my life. I help other people. I care for them, I do for them, I'm just energetically there for them, or I make things for them ;) My life's work is to create.... artistically, energetically, and emotionally.... for myself, for my family, and for others.

I help pull out the negative, I work to activate the positive, and I try to find ways that I can share the energies of those creations, with those that need them or are willing to accept them. It's not always easy being happy. It's often aggravatingly hard. But it's a life choice, a direction, a goal and a journey.

Each day, I try to find one idea, one book, one project, one goal.... that excites me and makes me want to do something besides cooking and cleaning, laundry and yard work, and the almost 6 months a year that I spend simply helping others who need my help.

So, today...after almost a week spent helping my 93 year old mother-in-law who took another bad fall...had to have the paramedics called for her, and ending up hospitalized for a couple of days...I think of the good things in life...and not just the tiring and hard things.

My MIL is doing fine, no bones were broken or even fractured, she's finally switched to the side of the bed that's closest to the door so her walker can be used all the way into bed, and she's finally agreed to wear a Lifeline alert necklace after adamantly refusing up 'til now!

It's a bit of a drive to her house, and we've gone and helped out almost every day) but my car's air conditioning miraculously healed itself after 2 1/2 years of being broken and the drive gives me time to sit down, to think, and to prepare mentally for her care. So, it's not as bad, at all, as it might have been! So, gratitude's abound!

I'm looking, here, at one of my many bulletin boards, I'm feeling gratitude for fun and for beauty, feeling the love that always lies within any reach, and sending the energy of that love outward to her and to all of you, and reminding you to feel the hugs, sense the inner smile, and remember that love and a hug are always free.

This pink bulletin board was painted by one of my daughters... a dozen or more years ago. Buy a $5 one from Walmart and just paint it! I constantly fill it with little things that I collect, that catch my eye or simply things I love. It is one of 3 such bulletin boards that I keep in the crafty areas in my house. This one is above a small art supplies table.
And how I got a reflection on the photo of me that looks like its coming out of/into me is the amazing part of this post, It's one of those things that just happens ;)