Aug 17, 2009

Dancing With the Stars

It's mid-August and the stars are beginning to come out to play, once again. Today, the newest 'Dancing With the Stars" lineup (set to begin Sept. 21, 200) was announced. If my MIL had heard of even half of them she'd be dancing right along with them. Instead, I can picture her at home, balanced on her royal blue walker saying "Who?"

The celebrity cast, which includes the one person she will know....and probably root for...Donny Osmond, also includes a pro-wrestler, a snowboarder, actors and actresses, models, and a former member of Congress.

Now most of us have at least heard of singer Macy Gray, actress Melissa Joan Hart, supermodel Kathy Ireland, superbowl champion Michael Irvin, Tom DeLay ,the former House majority leader, teen hearthrob singer, Aaron Carter, and of course all around performer, Donny Osmond (brother, of course to Marie...fabric designer and sewing machine saleswoman ;)

Less least in my MIL's small circle..... would be recording artist Mya, Iron Chef host Mark Dacascos, actor Ashley Hamilton (son of George), Olympic swimming gold medalist Natalie Coughlin, supermodel Joanna Krupa, actress, Debi Mazar (if you don't know her name, you'll probably recognize her face and distinctive voice) professional snowboarder, Louie Vito and professional wrestler, Chuck Liddell. While I didn't know that name, he is apparently the face of the 'Ultimate Fighting Championship', and the light-heavyweight champion of the world. And of course, you'll LaToya and no Paula much for celebrity gossip ;)

And then of course, there's Kelly Osbourne. Singer, actress and media personality, Kelly's father is rock icon, Ozzy Osbourne, and her mother is well-known TV personality Sharon Osbourne. I've heard of Kelly, watched her on those celebrity news shows..but when I saw her photo in with blonde hair...didn't have a clue as to who she was. So, she may surprise us in other ways as well. At least we can be guaranteed an interesting audience of family members...not just for her, but all of the stars. The Osmonds alone will pack the house!

I suspect when hubby and I are watching from our home in Salem, and on the phone with MIL in her home in Stayton, she'll still be rooting for Donny Osmond. After all, he won the hearts of millions as both a member of the Osmonds and, with his sister,Marie, as the youngest co-hosts in prime time history with "The Donny & Marie Show."

Donny Osmond has been a singer, musician, Broadway and film actor, talk show and game show host, best-selling author, and even a champion race car driver. Well, if he could only snowboard, wrestle, and had run for Congress, he could fill in for the others and take the whole thing!

Yep, I can see it now. MIL in her rocker with her walker by her side, hooping and hollering every time Donny comes onstage to dance. When the stars come out on Sept. 21, she'll be watching all of them, wishing on a couple of them, and finding something to look forward to every Monday and Tuesday nights.

And that's all it takes to make life and living worthwhile. Right, Dorothy? You're not in Kansas anymore. It's almost time for the Wizard of Os....


Junie Moon said...

I only recognize a few names on the list, so I guess I'm with your MIL on this. My suspicion is that I'm media challenged in terms of TV since I don't seem to watch much of it. Maybe I need to do something about that as I'm always puzzled when people discuss a show and I've no clue what they're talking about. I am so weird.

Unknown said...

I'd have to admit, I like the picture you posted to this post much more than "dancing with the stars". just never really cared for that show.

Finn said...

Hi Michele, I'm with Tonya's sewing room. I love the picture! What a great shot that is...the Dancing with the Stars, well...I'm happy they give enjoyment to others, but it's way too commercial for me. It's delightful to think of your MIL dancing with her blue walker tho *VBS* Hugs, Finn

*karendianne. said...

What a delightful picture. As a matter of fact, what delight to find photos this morning, an array! That was a great way to start the day.

You know, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or any of those shows. My tribe thinks I'm boring. But I'll tell ya, this post made me smile and see a different side of it for everyone else. I know most everyone looks forward to the fun.

Mary said...

I'm with you MIL, sans walker. I watch way too many of the shows like Dancing with the Stars and Survivor. Do NOT watch AI or Apprentice because of Simon and the Donald. Yea for something to watch on a Monday and Tuesday again while I do handwork.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would have a post on the show and came by to check it out. I will be using all of my votes for Donny. It seems that every season there is a football player. It is always interesting to see how well they do with the show.

Stephanie D said...

Oh, I'm glad you posted the line-up. I saw this show for the first time this spring, after a lot of them had been eliminated, and wondered why I'd not watched it before, as much as I love watching dancing.

I'll have to mark the date on my calendar!