Jun 26, 2009

Multi-tasking My Quilting Projects

But, I only multi-task because I forget what I was just doing...

Therefore, its critically important to have a project in progress no matter where I look. That way I don't have to think, I can just do ;)

I have been on a self-proposed Virtual Quilting Bee For Charity all week long. Sewing for others gives me a sense of purpose and a dedication to a daily form of spiritual practice. After I finish daily housekeeping chores, water my garden, and tend to my cats, I quilt. Each day, almost every day, I quilt and almost always for charity. When I'm not quilting, I'm sewing, and when I'm not sewing...I'm quilting.

These are the four charity quilts I am currently working on all at once. Until I get them done, there'll not be much walking going on here! Well, except for the cats, who hop and flop from one quilt to another!

Each of these four are entirely made of "Frugal Friday finds"...scraps from the scrap bin and lots and lots of leftover orphan blocks. Not one strip was cut up on purpose from whole pieces... except for borders and backings of course...and often those are scrap pieced out of larger scraps, as well.

If you've been working on projects that I might like to see, leave me a link (make one at bottom of post or cut and past this and add it to your next post in your own blog Virtual Quilting Bee For Charity so I can visit your blog and be inspired by all that you do, as well!

Happy Frugal Friday from my scrap bin to yours!

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My reply: One very busy design floor and two extremely happy cats ;)


Scrappy quilter said...

Oh how I wish I could meet you, sit down and quilt with you. We are so much alike when it comes to quilting. You can see my Orphan train quilt on my blog that I did
and that will go to the north here.


Seldom do I keep a quilt, they are mostly given away to my Quilts for the North project. It's so much fun to quilt for others.

Your quilts are beautiful and so frugal. That's what I love about our style of quilting. I love using scraps too. Hugs..

Finn said...

Hello again MIchele, I finally got a posted connection to the Virtual Quilting Bee from the Orphan Train. I so don't really understand about linking, but I did get a link to your blog at least. Hoping for more to join in the Charity Bee effort. Big hugs, Finn

Bee Quilter said...

I enjoy reading all kinds of sewing blogs (quilting being my favorite) and for the variety and for the wonderful tutorials, links and inspirations, yours is the one I would pick if I had to only visit one a day! Keep doing what you're doing. I can see by your blog count and friends list that others recognize your big heart and wonderful blogging abilities too. Your virtual quilting bee is the perfect example of why I love reading your blog the most of all!