Monday, June 22, 2009

Virtual Quilting Bee For Charity

Quilting for fun and giving quilts away, is my favorite thing in the whole world to do! I have quilted for a number of hospitals, for Veteran's organizations, for various quilting for children programs, for Habitat for Humanity, for African and Indian missions, for families in distress (hurricane relief, etc) and I also just quilt for no reason and all reasons!

So, why not start a 'Virtual Quilting Bee for Charity'? Let's quilt as we can, no matter how little or how big, or for whatever cause. But dedicate whatever amount of time you can give...this week and into the next and do two weeks...or maybe, more....for a quilt made with love and then give it away. A virtual random act of kindness with a tangible reward (and a real quilt) at the finish line. We'll all be winners... and spread our love, good deeds and quilts to the world. Two weeks of spreading love into the world. How can anyone say no to that ;)

Now, I gave myself a head I've already got a number of quilts started. But, I've smelled the UFO fabric piles, baskets, bins, and stacks out there...and so do YOU!

Quilt for charity, take a pile of scraps, a bin of blocks, a flimsy, a whimsy, and decide to finish one thing...start to finish in the next two weeks and donate it to someone in need. It's as simple as making a child's quilt 36"x 36" and then just bringing it down to the check-in desk at the nearest hospital, a homeless shelter, a day care center, a family down the street who is unemployed...the list goes on and on!

Finish a quilt in the next two weeks and pass it on. The new 'Pay My Own Life Forward With a Quilt' plan!

We are all SO blessed. Spread the blessings With Heart and Hands and join in the fun!