Jan 4, 2009

2008 in Review: What Did You Sew?

From 2008
After spending 5 months in Alaska helping my parents, I wasn't sure just how much sewing I actually ever got done back in Oregon. So, I decided to peruse my files and folders and just see what I did and did not get done in 2008!
And while my photo montage is missing some projects and even repeats a few bags, I also made a number of fun quilts.....patriotic comfort ones...... QOV donations.... tiny preemie quilts..... slightly bigger newborn baby quilts, and of course....... comfort quilts for children.
I tried out some variations of photo transfers with patchwork and made 2 journals, and a number of other freezer paper photo transfer items such as pillows.
Then I got all inspired by the recycling movement and the grassroots 'guerilla giving' in Great Britain of shopping bags and made 28 recyclable morsbags...some I just gave away spontaneously to strangers and others as The Gift of an Enduring Legacy . I had sewing accessories fun with 3 wrist pincushions, 2 mugwraps, several patriotic banners, a new sewing machine mat with pockets, and a fun,new threadcatcher.
I continued with my bag crazy stage and made several Japanese knotbags , Fabric Bags and Birthday Card Envelopes and little gift reticules, and my constant addiction....
lots of hotpads and potholders and endless fabric napkins !
I continued my fabric artcard donations to the Alzheimer's Art Qult Initiative and lots of charity quilting.. and then of course..others that I couldn't find photos of and only half remember ever making.....!
Oh yes, I made myself a new kuspuk and then helped 16 children learn to sew and make their own. And then my last trip, I helped 18 children with their leaf print pillows. Such fun!!!
And here, I thought I never even had time to sew this year! I feel better now. Thanks for the sewing therapy review ;)
So, now...show me what you did in 2008 and drop me a link and a line!!!!
Make a Sewing Machine Pad With Pockets
Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial
How To Make A Kuspuk
Make a Wrist Pincushion
Freezer Paper Photo Transfer Tutorial
Blue Star Banner for Military Families
morsbags..recyclable giveaway shopping bag


Susan Loftin said...

Wow! That was a productive year! You should be proud of all the work you did.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I kept a running list in the right sidebar of my blog.

I don't have a collective 2008 photo album but I think I'll do that for 2009... thanks for a very good idea. It is SO easy to lose sight of how much we really DO get done.