Oct 11, 2008

Shout Out for Happy Feet

A great big shout out to Paula for my wonderful new "happy feet!" {{{{{Paula !!! }}}}}

One of those fabulous quilters with a great heart and extra-ordinary multiple artistic talents, Paula sent me these great knitted slippers. They originally arrived looking like they just might be 10 sizes too big for me...But I knew Paula not only had my foot size but even a tracing of my dainties, because she had previously gifted me with my oh so lovely Crazy Woman Sox So, I knew there must be a secret to their magical sizing!

There was! It involved a washing machine, fabulous felting instructions and the fun of slipping into them and making them fit me to a 'P' !

Paula had warned me ahead of time, to enclose them in a pillowcase (to catch any yarn lint) and to keep a close eye on the warm water process. With a front loader, I wasn't quite able to watch, nor easily interrupt, but it worked perfectly, none the less. I put them on damp (no dryer used) pranced a happy dance, then set them out (see above photo) shaped and drying. Worked perfectly!

Thank you so very much, dear Paula. I not only just LOVE them, but they now fit perfectly! My spirits are lifted, my toes are tapping, my soles are soul-filled and I'm a dancing to a happy little beat! I love how I'm now felted!


dot said...

I make these every year for myself and co workers, family members also. They are just the best. Enjoy!!!

*karendianne. said...

How cute! Very snuggly. I love these.

Cher said...

oh I am so envious! I need new slippers too...you lucky duck!