Oct 13, 2008

Full Moon of the Hunt for Change and Possibilities

A Full Hunter's Moon comes in tonight, with the glow of October 14, and brings with it the first full moon of the child. Time for all of us to go outside, kick up our heels in the newly fallen leaves, and bite into a freshly picked juicy apple!

As we all awaited the changing energies, many of us spent way too much time looking at relationships....instead of at our self, and the part that we play in them. Now, is the time to look at the inner child's needs....as they relate to all of the rest of our lives.

The full Hunter's moon allows us to go on the hunt...an inner journey of spontaneity, wonder, and joy. Rake up some leaves, light a big bonfire and release all of the old pains and holdings. It's time to get out of our own self-made prisons.....whether they're physical, emotional or psycho-spiritual......and time to expand ourselves, and our views.

As 'hunters', it's also time to go on the hunt. Maybe, you're hunting for new ideas and inspirations; as quilters for that perfect pattern or piece of fabric, as women, for the joy that can fill our life and make the challenges easier to bear. Maybe, you're in need of a good friend, a new quilting group or even just some new blogging friends to bond with. The opportunities are everywhere, we just have to be brave enough and open enough to try them.

As all of our lives swing on the pendulum between attainment and loss, love and hurt, joy and sadness...the full moon lets it all come to a crescendo and gives us a chance to let it all out. It's no coincidence that Hallowe'en, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Day of the Dead all arrive in one amazing powerfilled energy bundle.

Time to think about choosing...tricks or treats? What kinds of tricks do you have on your design table, what kind of treats await us in our secret cupboards of possibilities?


Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks ~ words I need to hear!

*karendianne. said...

What a FANTASTIC, GREAT post. This, this I can relate to.