Oct 2, 2008

Helio Castroneves? Income Tax Fraud?

NOOOOOO, not my cute little man in his yellow suit. Not Helio, tell me it isn't so! Just when life gets more and more challenging every day, I find out my dancing/race car driving champ has feet of clay.

Helio Castroneves has reportedly been indicted for tax fraud in a Miami courtroom, today. His offense? Helio has been accused of using an offshort Pamamanian dummy corporation to hide the actual amount of his income from the IRS.

Along with his sister, Katiucia Castroneves and his lawyer, Alan Miller, the trio is being charged with conspiracy to avoid lawful taxes. Charges are up to five years in prison for each charge that ends up being filed.

Oh, Helio...no, no, no. It's supposed to be 'Dancing With the Stars", not 'Dancing Behind Bars." Dang, nothing's sacred any more. It this is all true and not just some TMZ exclusive that someone trumped up, that yellow suit may be up on E-bay soon, along with a nice race car and some checkered flags, right along with that cute man in his yellow suit's now checkered past.

It's almost enough to discourage me from watching the show! What next? Do you think that Marie Osmond truly did not design her fabric line or that Mario Lopez's dimples were surgically implanted? Don't tell me. There's no such thing as Reality TV? It's ALL an illusion?

Think good thoughts for poor Helio. Maybe this is all the lawyer's fault. Well, I bet two out of three will claim that, anyway. Stay tuned. I may hear more after the hub bub over America's Financial Crisis and the Vice-Presidential Debate is finally over with.

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Finn said...

Dear, dear Michele...my friend. Looking forward, looking back. Yes, no words for the extremely to impossible circumstances that puts on in such a position. I'm reminder of that little piece about friends and seperating the wheat from the chaff and just for what I hear in my head is "and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away". I know the condition is a thief, stealing that which is truly unique to each individual. I'm thinking and trying to see it as void being filled afterward with a gentle kindness. Of course we don't want our memories taken, but can be the alternatives? Perhaps the truest agony of the circumstances are for us, the living loved ones. I wish I had anawers. Big hugs, Finn