Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sometimes A Great Notion

If you're a quiltmaker, then the words 'sometimes a great notion' might mean a new design idea, the latest in rotary cutters, or finally finding a Sidewinder for half price. If you're from Oregon, have ever lived in Oregon, grew up during the 60's and 70's or just like to read books from that era, then "Sometimes a Great Notion' means you've read Ken Kesey's best selling book by that name.

However, if you ever lived in Oregon, like to read and are a quiltmaker Finn, from Wisconsin..then "Sometimes a Great Notion" is the name of a quilt you mailed to Michele, who lives in Salem ....likes new design ideas, rotary cutters, wishes for a Sidewinder for half price, spent those decades straddling life in Alaska AND Oregon... and yes, did indeed read Ken Kesey's best selling book.

This great notion was beyond great. Dear Finn, while Paying It Forward, not only created and quilted me a beautiful little comfort quilt (which could also be used as a fabulous wall hanging) but it is SUCH a sweet quilt which also PERFECTLY matches my rustic Christmas colors. AND she sent me other unbelievable finds...a linen table cloth from my home state of Alaska and a vintage 1992 copy of Ladies Circle magazine where the entire issue was devoted to quilts and quilters guessed it.... Alaska! To top it off, she included some lovely plaid fabrics, and instead of 'never giving an inch' sent me wonderfully sized pieces. Fabrics that are perfect for my current craze of making morsbags and giving them away as re-useable shopping bags.

From the Oregon coast, over to Wisconsin, through my heart in Alaska and back down to Salem...the arrows show me the way through the falling timbers and all of the rivers that run so deep. Thanks, Finn! It was indeed a very great notion and I just loved every piece of it!