Jul 28, 2008

The Last Lecture: A Celebration of Life (ABC Tuesday Night)

July 29, 2008: The Last Lecture: A Celebration of Life (ABC Tuesday Night) ABC Primetime will be featuring a special presentation of the life of Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch on Tuesday, July 29 at 10 p.m./9 Central. ABC news correspondent, Diane Sawyer was among the first to be told of Randy's death at age 47, from the pancreatic cancer he has so courageously battle for almost two years. Randy died on July 25, 2008. Randy's "Last Lecture" and its subsequent interview was one of the most powerful accounts of hope, grace and optimism that the news program had ever featured and drew responses around the globe.

It began with the age-old question of 'What would you say if you knew you were going to die and had a chance to sum up everything that was most important to you?" With words, and in deeds, Randy Pausch became a beacon of shining light for all of us. From his famous lecture in a classroom at Carnegie Mellon University, to the Oprah Show, to his first ABC primetime special, to his book and to his June 2008 appearance at Carnegie Mellon's graduation ceremony, where he presented Al Gore with a copy of his book, lifted his wife Jai into his arms and gave her a big kiss. YouTube - Randy Pausch Inspires Graduates

As Randy has always said...."If I don't seem as morose or depressed as I should be -- sorry to disappoint you," he said, and then he wows the crowds by dropping to the floor and doing several push-ups .

When Randy Pausch speaks about his childhood dreams, he has said: "You may not agree with the list but I was there. ... Being in zero gravity, playing in the National Football League, authoring an article in the World Book Encyclopedia -- I guess you can tell the nerds early. ... I wanted to be one of the guys who won the big stuffed animals in the amusement park." And win them, he did.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States,. And unfortunately, very little has worked to prolong the lives of pancreatic cancer patients.
According to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, an advocacy organization for the pancreatic cancer community, approximately 37,170 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and 33,370 will die from it. The Pausch family has asked that donations on Randy's behalf be sent to the organization or to Carnegie Mellon's Randy Pausch Memorial Fund.

"I'd like to thank the millions of people who have offered their love, prayers and support," his wife, Jai Pausch, said in a statement. "Randy was so happy and proud that the lecture and book inspired parents to revisit their priorities, particularly their relationships with their children. The outpouring of cards and emails really sustained him."

And, as Randy has said: "My wife Jai has been an incredible source of stability and courage through all this. We both agree that "you can't control the cards you're dealt, just how you play the hand." And he later added, that "I knew my wife was the 'one', when I knew I loved her more then myself."

Most of the cards have been dealt now, and Randy dedicated most of them...as he did his book and his life, to his family. He leaves behind his beatiful wife Jai, and three children. Dylan 7, Logan 4, and Chloe 2.

While he has also said that he would not spend his final days making funeral arrnangements, memorial servives, both private and public, are inevitable for this greatly beloved man and both are being scheduled. Good Morning America is featuring Randy's life on both Monday and Tuesday mornings and airing their special The Last Lecture: A Celebration of Life (ABC Tuesday Night) at 10 pm/9 Central.

And Randy's life, as in his death, was a life of wonder and joy and insatiable curiousity. Even on his death bed, as his best friend Steve Seabolt, was with him as he died at about 4 a.m. in Chesapeake, Va. home, when Steve told him it was "ok, to let go" and "that it would be all right" Randy is reported as saying with his final words...."I'll get back to you on that." Even at the end, a final small smile, a quip and that wonderful energy to pass on his own knowledge.

Funeral Arrangements:
Dr. Randy Pausch's family plans a private funeral in Virginia, and Carnegie Mellon University officials said that they would schedule a memorial service at a date yet to be announced.

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