Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Ritual: The Gathering of the Feminine Energies

Throughout time, humans have gathered together to share in common dreams, goals, rituals, and celebrations. The gatherings in Spring time are often association with the rituals of the divine feminine. It is a time of the dying of the darkness of the winter season and the welcoming in of the light of the new birth of Spring through birth and re-birth.

I couldn't help but think of this and feel these emotions as five Oregon quilters gathered in "Marathon Quilter" Cher's lovely Portland home to share a wonderfully prepared luncheon and discover the common threads of blogs and blogging, quilts and quilting. It soon became apparent that we were also sharing the variety of differing textures and fabrics of our lives that make each of us unique and distinctive, yet also women with much in common.

Each of us was very different, yet each of us part of one another and somehow also, very alike. In the course of looking at the vast array of quilts and quilting, stash and stashings, threads and threadings, we meandered our way through the process of getting to know one another better. I was delighted to find that it also helped clarify and helped me further understand different sides of myself as I saw similarities brought forth from each of the other ladies.

We talked about why we well as why we quilt...and it truly made me think even more deeply about this process and the role it does... or does not each of our lives. Each of us was brought to blogging for similar yet different reasons, just as each of us discovered quilts and quilting for similar, yet different, passions. I loved being able to gather with other women that I knew only from their written word and creative quilted expression and discover other multi-faceted parts of their personalities. It was a beautiful day and a great gathering together of similar-minded women.

Spring gatherings usually reflect not only our desire to express our more social and sociable natures, but also as a reflection of the delicate and perfect dance between dark and light in our own lives while Earth is in her own time of rebirth. We all endlessly strive for finding balance between our masculine and our feminine energies in our everyday reality. So I found it fascinating, to feel so welcome into this feminine circle as each of us opened ourselves to sharing our weaknesses as well as our strengths through this shared hobby and passion for quilting.

I enjoyed my visit with these four lovely ladies and genuinely appreciated Cher's gracious hospitality and lovely surroundings...framed by beautiful artwork, energies of creativity, and a room filled with dear women. My thanks to Cher, Holly, Patti, and Dot for a lovely day, interesting conversation, and truly inspirational quilts and quilting!