Apr 29, 2008

Katy's Hope

This beautiful little girl is named Katy. She's 4 years old (5 in May) and she is the precious grandaughter of one of our own, Perry of OkPeri's Place. Katy is adorable, talented, and very much loved. And Katy has Cystic Fibrosis. CF is not only a terrible disease but it is one without a cure. When you look into the winsome smile of this lovely young girl, you just know that you need to do something to help her, and other children like her.

Every year in May, the national Cystic Fibrosis organization holds a big fundraiser and each year different fundraising efforts are made in the hopes of raising monies towards research and care of those with this horrible disease.

Katy's grandmother, Perry, has made a quilt available for raffle purchases at the Oklahoma Center For CF for two years, now. Last year, she made it herself, this year Cindy has made it for her. This beautiful quilt is 98" x 99" and is called "Katy's Hope II." Made from fabric from the Moda Chocolat line, it is being raffled off with two raffle numbers exchanged for every $5 donation made in honor of Katy and her supporters, known as Katy's Voyagers. Visit Katy's support group at the GREAT STRIDES Home Page .

It's so good to be able to count our own blessings, please help others count theirs, as well.

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