Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blogging With a Purpose

Dear Finn, a Riding The Orphan Train blogger of great purpose, has reached her hand across the mountains, canyons, prairies, lakes, rivers, and train tracks to extend me the honor of being her first pick for the "Blogging With a Purpose" Award.

As I told Finn, she always blesses me in all ways, so it is with great delight that I accept this esteemed Finn award as I hop onboard and begin this journey anew and renewed.

I can see, feel, smell and breathe that Spring is just around the bend and it is time for re-birth, change and new growth. I am double delighted, thrice blessed, she-nan-a-Finn-agained and ready to go along for the ride. I'll bring my little black Keira (Ebby's doppleganger) and we shall have such fun!!! Get Onbooooarrrdddd!!!! We're "Blogging With a Purpose!"

PS updated:
The Blogging With a Purpose Award will always remain my favorite! But I am honored to be be a member of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and have one of my posts on their website, and to have been a Charity Quilter of the Week for the Quilting Gallery! Thanks, as always for the other fun blogging awards! You are all so dear!